How a Psychiatric Association Sickened Society’s Mental Health

It is now happening. I once said that Donald Trump was more dangerous than Adolf Hitler, despite being less cunning, because of: (a) the power of the U.S. presidency; (b) the complacency of his opposition; and (c) the obvious gullibility of his followers. He may be partially gone, but the conditions he exploited and accelerated remain. What is unknown to most of the public is the active enabling of these conditions by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Our insistence that “it can’t happen here” all but guaranteed it would happen, and it…

Citizen Petition against Jeffrey Lieberman to President Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Below is the record of a petition by a citizen concerned about Jeffrey Lieberman’s potential appointment in the Biden administration, published here:

January 17, 2021

Dear President Elect Biden,

We strongly request that Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman not be considered for the position of Health and Human services, nor any position in your administration. Were it not for Dr. Lieberman, who became the most prominent defender of the president in the mental health world, we could have been spared the deadly reign of President Donald J. Trump, who…

Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman Needs to be Investigated

A colleague of mine said years ago that Jeffrey Lieberman needed to be stripped of his title as “Dr.” and proceeded to call him “Mr.” in our communications. This was impressive to me, as I had known no other psychiatrist for whom another colleague would make such a suggestion; with Lieberman, it would only be the first of many and, after four years of my misfortune of having to deal with him and to come to know better his character, I sympathize. I will hence refer to him simply as “Lieberman.” I am…

Do White Supremacy and Male Superiority Explain ‘the Goldwater Rule’?

If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize. - Voltaire

The Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology was one of the first organizations to form a “psychoanalysis in society” group in response to the exceptional presidency of Donald Trump. After speaking there a couple years ago, I was invited back with my esteemed colleague, Dr. Kevin Washington, former president of the Association of Black Psychologists, which remains to this day the only mental health association that issued a direct statement about the…

A blow-by-blow account of how mental health experts warned that what happened would happen — that a president was likely going to kill (hundreds of) thousands of Americans — but went unheeded

On August 9, 2020, William Saletan published a remarkable article on Slate by the title: “The Trump Pandemic: A blow-by-blow account of how the president killed thousands of Americans.” The below consists of quotes of that article, cited here with permission, and an item-by-item record of what mental health experts said would happen, based on our understanding of the president’s mind.

On July 17, President Donald Trump sat…

‘At the Bottom, All Tragedies are Stupid’

So are the words of Stephen King. Hence, perhaps even I could write a tragedy without any literary talent. For when comic absurdity becomes reality, that is tragedy enough, and one need only recount it.

The only mental health professionals I know of to have publicists are Jeffrey L— and John G—. Both have done everything they could to destroy the efforts of conscientious professionals, one from without and the other from within. One worked from a clever conniving that effectively got him posts he obviously little measured up to, and the other…

‘Translation’ of Donald Trump’s July 3, 2020, Speech at Mount Rushmore

I am making an exception to my hiatus from “translations”, as this speech was especially troubling — showing further deterioration since the recent pressures of his falling poll numbers and his failure to wish away a deadly pandemic. The original transcript is here. What is Donald Trump really saying? is what I am trying to illustrate. Of note, these interpretations are formulaic, not sardonic or made up. Rather, they are serious analyses of what Trump himself is telling us about his intentions and his actions, through his own words…

The Accelerated Unraveling of Donald Trump

By Leonard L. Glass, Edwin B. Fisher, and Bandy X. Lee

June 13, 2020

Photograph: Gerd Altmann

The last few weeks have seen a marked and unmistakable deterioration in Donald Trump’s mental functioning. While his unfounded embrace of conspiracy theories have been a hallmark of his shaky capacity to assess external reality, in the past he only had to promote his views with enough gusto and repetition, buttressed by references to “people are saying” and Fox talking heads to seem to carry the day on social media. Many viewed him as, if not entirely plausible, at least…

Our Back Story

My report is intended as a public service. An unprecedented report meant for unprecedented times, it seeks to keep with the principles and standards of psychiatry over format of typical presentation, since, for an extraordinary situation, trying to keep with the latter will result in distortion. It is written because, if not for dealing with a global mental health emergency, wherein at stake could be nothing less than humanity’s survival, I do not know what psychiatry is good for. The public will understand this, as it has from the moment it made the request….

So how did…

At the Close of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Mental Health Emergency of the President has Gone Unaddressed

As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close, the most major national mental health emergency has still gone unaddressed. I am speaking of the mental health, or lack thereof, of the president. It is a mental impairment that has been deadly through action and inaction, with just one aspect causing at least 36,000 deaths and which is now fueling a nation’s flames.

That the mental health field has been silent is unconscionable. A prominent psychiatric association campaigned not just to protect…

Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (, and editor of "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

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