A Child Theft Operation: Will Jane Gallina-Mecca Proceed?

Bandy X. Lee
9 min readFeb 27, 2024

What is Unknown about Family Courts is that They Steal Healthy Children and Sell Them to Their Abuse and Death

Family Courts are given the legal auspices to remove children from parents, because society assumes that they are using this authority for good. When we hear of child murders by parent, or murder-suicides, we understandably assume that these cases “fell through the cracks” amid Family Courts and Child Protective Services (CPS) trying their best. This is the how Family Courts and CPS can keep asking for “more judges” and “more resources” for their failures. What we are not considering is the possibility that Family Courts are actually creating these conditions and knowingly causing many of these deaths — and for every murder, a suicide; for every death, hundreds of serious injuries; and for every visible injury, immeasurable, inward shattering of human potential.

We as a society are unwilling to consider that Family Courts are overwhelmingly abusing their function to remove healthy children from good parents — often excellent ones — to force them into “slavery” with violent abusers. The excuse is that these violent abusers have rights as “parents” (although the hypocrisy is immediately clear — for what about the rights of the good parents they so abruptly, casually, and brutally violate?).

The majority of children who are killed by murder are killed by a parent. Most of the children who are sexually abused are sexually abused by a parent. The vast majority of child pornography is produced and sold by parents of their own children. And the child sex rings in the United States are supplied by the very abusive parents that Family Courts have trafficked children to, away from their loving parents who might have protected them.

Most of the public does not know that we are sending our most precious resources — our children — to what has been referred to as “the sewer” of the judicial system. Not all Family Courts are cesspools, and not all Family Court judges are miscreant, but it bears noting that within the court system there exists a “Court” that does not follow the law, that harbors cartels of organized crime, and that hides its own hideous crimes against humanity.

Children overwhelmingly describe a “life of hell” after Family Courts have trafficked them to their torture, rape, and battery — sometimes following a forced initiaion through “reunification camps,” which employ old, Chinese Communist brainwashing techniques that not even the Chinese use anymore. And this is what these Orwellian Courts claim is in “the best interests of the child.”

It is a system where would-be whistleblowers are persecuted, discredited, and disbarred, where honest judges quit, and where an entrenched culture ousts those who do not “go along to get along.” One can tell who the “worst judges” are by their promotion to chief judge of Family Court — as has happened with Jane Gallina-Mecca. It is no mystery who is likely to have “sold” the most children, who brings in the biggest revenue, and who is the most corrupt.

Society’s inability and unwillingness to confront this possibility within an entity called “Family Court” is the reason it goes on. It is estimated that up to 20 percent of child murders by parent might be eliminated if we abolished Family Courts. A comparable number of child suicides may also be prevented. With one to 1.5 million children experiencing the divorce of their parents each year, and of these, a conservative estimate of 58,000 children being sent to their abusers, we might eradicate a scourge that is almost three times the rate of childhood cancers.

That this was no accident but a well-oiled profiteering machine was evident to me soon after my brother-in-law filed for divorce. He, the substance-abusing, pornography-addicted, and womanizing absentee father, suddenly became the “fit” parent, and the mother, who once had top security clearance for a government position, suddenly became “mentally ill” — in true Soviet style — and unable to have even one minute with her children. None of this would make any sense, unless it were part of a child theft operation — and it is.

Psychologically “breaking” the good parent is a commonly-pursued goal of the Family Courts, so as to retroactively justify their taking the children. Bringing in gangster-style human rights violations to middle- and upper-class families that never even imagined such violence helps ensure severe enough trauma to incapacitate them from speaking about what happened.

Yet, Gallina-Mecca misjudged my sister to be an easy target. Though mild-mannered and tight-lipped, having served as the New York State governor’s Ground Zero coordinator in the aftermath of the greatest terrorist attack on U.S. soil — 9/11 — she has steely determination. She was giving speeches, after all, before thousands of First Responders on the importance of safeguarding their mental health, when she was just in her twenties.

An alternative is to psychologically “break” the children. Isolating children with their violent abuser, while separating them from all loving adults, is a surefire formula for “Stockholm syndrome” — wherein victims ally themselves with their aggressor, so that they can psychically survive. With vulnerable children, this is only a matter of time, and thus many divorces drag on for more than a decade. This seems to be why Gallina-Mecca periodically interviews her child victims — all at once, assembly-line style — in stark contrast to her extreme suppression of their voices at all other times. She can test if they have been “broken” enough for their words to be used against them — since their saying they “prefer” their abuser is also useful as retroactive justification for having taken them.

The third psychological factor Family Courts evidently rely on and exploit is perpetrator psychology. Abusers are too myopic to notice that they are being “fleeced”, and having eagerly allied themselves with their likeminded, criminal operatives in Family Court, they cannot pull out, either, for then they will face proper prosecution. My brother-in-law is in this position — having sold his soul to Family Court, he is beholden to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars with no end in sight, getting nothing in return but the destruction of his family — yet, again, abusers are incapable of seeing that this is a loss.

However, without a semblance of justification, Gallina-Mecca cannot seem to make a ruling in my sister’s case. To call her “mentally ill” would be ludicrous by any objective standard. A default was entered in August 2022 for my sister’s imputed refusal of a “psychiatric evaluation” (the truth is, Evelyn Nissirios, charged with finding a compromised psychiatrist, in the end could not find one). Yet, ten highly-credentialed psychiatrists and doctorate psychologists submitted their reports, some up to 100 pages long, that the mother did not need another psychiatric evaluation.

A trial date was set for July 2023, already extremely delayed, and then postponed to August, September, October, and November 2023, and then January 2024. It still has not happened — and now the latest schedule is May 2024. The judge seems to be scrambling for some justification — she tried, for example, to accuse my sister of “absconding” with the children after assigning that weekend for her to be with them. She tried to incarcerate my sister for “breaking” a gag order, but all the information I have on her case is not from her (I even know more than she through independent investigations, not to mention multiple other, cookie-cutter Gallina-Mecca cases that give away her playbook). She tried to incriminate my sister for articles I wrote, but my sister has nothing to do with my articles. Instead, I have direct witness of each of the following players involved:

‘Child Therapist’ Barbara Maurer

When Family Court mandated her to be the children’s “therapist”, Maurer knew she could charge exorbitantly without any accountability. Her only task was to make the abusive parent “good” and the good parent “bad”, and to cover up any signs of abuse. Despite not performing anything resembling therapy, which the mother recognized, she would baldly refuse to answer the mother, whereas every message from the father she answered within minutes. The children, who became more suicidal after each visit, finally refused her “therapy”. In response, she locked them in her office and traumatized them, which caused her licensing board to force her to recuse herself — only for Family Court to mandate another children’s “therapist”, this time while concealing the identity of the new “therapist”.

‘Guardian ad litem’ Evelyn Nissirios

As the “children’s” guardian ad litem in Family Court, Nissirios’ one task is to work for “the best interests” of the child predator. In order to do so, she has had to perjure herself almost 350 documented times in just one case. A few months after the father was on a restraining order for almost crushing the skull of his seven-year-old and almost having killed his daughter as an infant, he tried to abscond with the children, having stolen their passports and secretly crossing state borders to take them to a resort hours away from home. This was in direct violation of court directives, and he was caught only because the terrified children called their maternal grandfather. None of this bothered Nissirios, but when the mother picked up her children slightly early on her own assigned weekend — partly because they were distressed and suicidal from the prior, terrifying weekend with their unstable father — she descended on the mother like a hawk, lest she miss the rare “opportunity”! She immediately coordinated with the father to make a false police report, scheduled an emergency ex-parte hearing while keeping both the mother and her attorney in the dark, and orchestrated an ambush raid by five police officers, who would forcibly tear the crying and clinging children from their mother for her trying to “abscond” with them — when the mother never dreamed of such a thing (isn’t this more telling of their intention than hers?), was in complete compliance with court directives, on her legitimate weekend with her children, which Nissirios herself scheduled. Nissirios’ plans to arrest the mother were foiled when the police immediately dropped the charges upon learning of her lies — but this “error” had always been the plan, proven by the fact that, for two and a half years, Nissirios has not returned the children to the mother — nor allowed her even one minute with them.

‘Judge’ Jane Gallina-Mecca

That a Family Court “judge” is the mastermind of this child theft operation is seen from Gallina-Mecca’s extreme control of the narrative. How she has aggressively taken down articles and falsely arrested medical professionals based on secret orders she cannot show anyone has been written about elsewhere. Herself an archetypal sadist, she “mentors” Nissirios on heaping one human rights violation after another to hide their own, staggering criminality. She also endlessly appoints needless court actors to muddy the picture and to parrot her made-up story, while remaining on the payroll. This includes a guardian ad litem for the mother, Linda Schofel — since the psychopathic father’s fantasy fulfillment includes that his wife be “mentally ill.” While throwing out reports from nine psychiatric experts of national and international renown, stating that the mother has “excellent mental health,” Gallina-Mecca incessantly elevated an unlicensed and unqualified “associate counselor,” Tara Devine, because of her amenability to stating otherwise. Pediatrician Karen Wu is another player Gallina-Mecca recruited for her willingness to retract her statement about the children’s abuse and to falsify her medical records to match.

The Father

A corporate lawyer and student of Alan Dershowitz, this father has dragged down a healthy, happy, and highly-respected family of multiple generations of successful doctorate professionals to his level of darkness, criminality, and violence through the Family Courts. In the absence of Family Court, he was reasonably contained, despite twelve years of domestic violence, and the children were protected. But the happiness and love everyone shared was incomprehensible to a duly-diagnosed psychopath, and jealousy and revenge (for the childhood he never had) overcame him. Instead of setting limits on such a sick individual, Family Court promised him unlimited power. But holding his children hostage and forcing them to say he is a “good” parent has not made them love him. Attempting to murder his wife six times, twice with the help of Gallina-Mecca and Nissirios (several murders are already connected to Gallina-Mecca), does not erase what makes a “good” parent. By raising unrealistic expectations, Family Courts only worsen the dynamic that can lead to family massacres where a man, because his wife threatened to leave him, kills his children, kills his wife, and then kills himself, thinking: “That’ll show them I am somebody!” In my brother-in-law’s case, it was not even his wife’s threatening to leave him but “stopping to praise” him that unleashed his vengeance against his family.

*The father will be named in my upcoming book, The Dangerous Case of Family Courts, where several other accomplices in child endangerment, such as a school principal and a police officer, will also be named. Additionally, there will be a documentary and a television series to expose the bad actors that Family Court buttressed on the backs of children for its own profits.



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.