Please call Nancy Pelosi’s office at: (202) 225–4965, with the following message. Non-mental health professionals, please start below “Our recommendations,” stating, “Mental health professionals recommend….” Your help will make a difference!

Honorable Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi:

We mental health professionals began warning against the dangers of this president since before his inauguration, organizing our first public event in April 2017. We did not predict the particular crisis of coronavirus, but we did predict that, when a crisis occurred, he would not be able to handle it properly because of his lack of mental capacity: his inability to base decisions on facts and expert advice.

Since that first conference at Yale, we have continued to warn through our public-service book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, and in many articles and forums, of what the consequences of allowing this dangerous president to remain in authority could be. Though you have not solicited our advice, we would nevertheless like to offer our suggestions.

Our recommendations:

We recommend that the House of Representatives immediately, today if possible, establish an Emergency Crisis Committee. It should immediately begin convening daily televised hearings, calling on top CDC and Trump administration officials to answer all questions about the handling of the pandemic and what is being done to correct past errors.

With this information brought together, literally in the next few days, you can lead the Congress to assume its responsibilities in this dire existential emergency, not simply respond to the whims of a president and an executive branch that has so far failed to protect our country.

In recent days, we have made our urgent appeal through our “Prescription for Survival,” at PrescriptionforSurvival.org.

With Donald Trump still in power and with even worse and more dangerous crises likely ahead, either he has to be removed now one way or another or at least his national influence be curtailed, and the CDC experts and medical professionals put fully in charge as we outline in the minimal option of our Prescription for Survival.

Thank you for your attention and time.


[Name or simply member] of the World Mental Health Coalition

Cc: All members of the U.S. Congress

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and editor of "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

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