A Mockery of Justice

Bandy X. Lee
5 min readDec 28, 2022

Psychopathy Flourishes in a Climate of Judicial Corruption

What kind of father prohibits the mother who gave birth to his young children from seeing or talking to them for over a year, and then would not let them visit for any of the holidays or any birthdays? What kind of “guardian ad litem” stifles the voice of the children she is supposed to speak for, detains them with their abuser, and then turns a blind eye to their suffering?

This phenomenon in Family Court is unfortunately a common scenario. A jealous father, upon seeing the bond that his children and their mother enjoy, engages in litigation abuse to destroy what he cannot have, with a corrupt Court more than willing to oblige. A “guardian ad litem,” envious of children who possess what she did not have — a mother with an impeccable track record, esteem from other mothers, and no mental health or criminal history — decides to transfer the children wholesale to a psychopathic and criminally abusive father, as she sadistically relishes watching the mother grieve.

What these individuals epitomize is the need to say: “I am somebody!” It becomes pathology when their rush to deny their incompetence leads not to improving themselves but to destroying others who have competence. The father did not know how to make his small children stop begging other adults: “Please don’t leave us alone with that maniac!” — meaning himself. Rather than change his abusive ways, he extended his abuse by kidnapping them, falsely imprisoning them, and denying their access to any adult who cared — above all their mother. The “guardian ad litem,” with little relevant training and few accomplishments of her own, became the father’s greatest disciple. She now enjoys wielding Court power over these youngsters, who dared call her their “enemy”, to force them into a living hell — and the profit of doing the wrong thing far outstrips any payment for an honest job. Unlike those with the lesser affliction of narcissistic personality disorder, individuals with psychopathy (an extreme of the narcissistic spectrum) do not even take the time to feel depressed about their inadequacy: they simply harm.

It is a mockery of justice when the Courts, rather than restraining the abuses of the most innocent and vulnerable members of the human family, are employed for their expression. Family Courts — and Courts in general, without even the U.S. Supreme Court being an exception — have thus become the stomping ground for psychopaths. The father in the above case is a bona fide diagnosed psychopath; the “guardian ad litem,” deriving pleasure from servicing a psychopath, is probably one, too. Her seeking Court appointment to represent children, and yet using her position to prey upon them, follows the same logic as pedophiles choosing to be camp counselors, killers choosing to be doctors, torturers choosing to be judges, or genocide schemers seeking to be national leaders; only access and scale vary.

No longer largely confined to jails and prisons, these individuals are in charge of judiciaries, corporations, and governments. Whereas they wreak more havoc on society than all other psychiatric disorders combined, they camouflage themselves behind a “mask of sanity,” and even advancing their debility as an advantage. Society’s inability to grasp how horrific, cruel, and diabolical some personalities can be, and its reluctance even to admit that such extreme evil exists, has permitted an affliction of just one percent of the population to become the foremost public health emergency — placing civilization itself in an existential crisis.

Forensic psychiatrists’ and psychologists’ work includes detecting and educating the Courts about this condition. They routinely witness judges and prosecutors letting go of the worst perpetrators, in favor of locking up only petty ones. Research shows that, through charm and manipulation, psychopathic offenders are 2.5 times more likely than non-psychopathic ones to get out of prison. Yet, driven to harm and lacking a conscience, their crimes are generally worse and more likely to repeat.

Now they are in charge of too many Family Courts. If human civilization is to survive, we must first consider the 58,000 American children who are forcibly placed with their abusers, every year, through these Courts. They are routinely murdered, driven to suicide, or tormented to the point of becoming murderers themselves.

The children in the above case are intellectual and emotional prodigies who recognized their father’s true nature before any adult. The seven-year-old was the first to ask: “Why does dad have a black heart? Other people’s are either red or pink.” Later, she asked: “Dad is as if an alien came, put on his bodysuit, and is pretending to be human.” In a single sentence, she has described the singular pathology of psychopathy: having no human core.

The six-year-old said to his distressed sibling: “We know Alan [they had stopped calling him ‘dad’] is using us. Instead of crying about it, we should use him, too.”

No matter how brilliant these children, how could they withstand the Court’s brutal interventions? Dispatching police escorts if the children refused visits with their father; orchestrating police raids to tear the children from their mother by brute force, based on the father’s lies; allowing the father to break in and enter against a security alarm to terrorize; permitting the father to attempt murder on the mother by provoking stress-induced medical crises; issuing court orders to arrest the mother for her routine activities at the children’s school; incarcerating maternal relatives for inquiring about the children’s decline; and arresting a forensic professional to prevent any psychiatrist seeing the children, lest their abuse be revealed and exposed — these are only a few examples of this psychopathic duo’s bullying and witness intimidation. Before the Court’s intervention, the mother more or less protected the children from their father; since the father’s employment of the Court, no human strength can match the abuse of judicial authority wielded as a weapon.

The true goal is to break the psyches of the mother and the children. And the more loving and humane they are, the more vengeful those with psychopathy become.

In the above case, both the father and the “guardian ad litem” knew that the gentle but strong mother had something they did not: an ability to love. As happens more often than not, knowing that they are not constitutionally capable of being like her, these individuals did their best to denigrate, disempower, and diminish the mother — to try to bring her down to their level. Ultimately, they tried to destroy her. Allowing these individuals to weaponize the Court’s “judicial immunity,” every conceivable crime is possible to commit with impunity.

However, their furious displays of “power” notwithstanding, they cannot change the fact that their psychopathy can only destroy. It can neither propagate love nor improve life, and cannot alter the truth of their hollow souls.



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.