Evelyn Nissirios, an Accused Child Predator, Attempts to Remain on School Board against Fierce Protests

Bandy X. Lee
6 min readDec 17, 2023

Child Predators’ Attraction to School Settings as well as Family Courts

I received an inquiry regarding Evelyn Nissirios, children’s “guardian ad litem,” who has flaunted “absolute judicial immunity” in order to commit crimes against children with impunity. Often, child predators seek out access to their victims through schools, just as they do through Family Courts. It is important to detect them and to set limits on them, bringing criminal charges where appropriate, in order to keep children safe. Apparently, after losing an election to a School Board, Nissirios took the extraordinary step of inserting herself back onto the Board, and vehement protests ensued. Her drive for power in defiance of all rules and the Board’s protection of her, even at this level of opposition, are mirror reflections of what happens in Family Courts and is ominous for society (in my opinion, the community should demand that the entire School Board resign — not only for allowing this illegal action but for keeping Nissirios on, even just on the information I gave them many months ago). Below is my response to being asked about my federal lawsuit against her:

Dear Mr. — :

Thank you for your inquiry.

I am glad that someone is interested in addressing the dangers of Evelyn Nissirios being anywhere near children. As a forensic psychiatrist, I have especially serious concerns about the predatory traits she has shown. She has demonstrated, through her role as guardian ad litem in multiple legal cases, signs of deriving pleasure from sending crying, screaming children to their abuse while separating them from loving adults. Her attempts to cling to power with respect to the Board of Education are congruent with her apparent, intrinsic joy in her hidden agenda of having power over children. Furthermore, the lack of response, even acknowledgment, of my communications to the Board of Education has further raised concerns for me about how serious the Board is in protecting children. You will see below a series of attempts at communication I made earlier this year.

Also attached are: my letter of concern to Mr. [President of the Board]; an early article on Ms. Nissirios; an affidavit describing the child abuser she assisted; a medical report by a world expert confirming that, by transferring the abused children to the sole custody of their abuser, Ms. Nissirios was engaging in torture; and an unpublished article documenting my interviews of several more of Ms. Nissirios’ victims (unpublished because it relates to criminal charges we are now bringing against her).

For greater context, you can refer to this fact-checked article, which mentions Ms. Nissirios:


This article is meant to educate the public on the very dangerous features that Ms. Nissirios exhibits:


You have permission to share any of this material with anyone who may be in a position to intervene, including the attachments, as I believe it is important to stop exploiters of children such as Evelyn Nissirios, who are a danger to the most vulnerable members of society, to the community, and to the public at large — and yet are not held accountable because of the judicial power she wields (no doubt also to appoint herself to positions for which she is unqualified).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

N.B.: Below is a small sampling of comments from the recording of a public meeting the inquirer shared with me:

“I am here to express the perceived lack of transparency and the lack of ethical process, in which the previous president’s position on the Board of Education has been filled. As I and many of my fellow [School District] residents see it, the Board of Education trustee members of [School District] have engaged in a series of premeditated or orchestrated actions, in order to manage questions, information flow, or the compilation of the Board. What the ultimate objective of these perceived actions are can be debated, but at a minimum, they impede transparency and thus erode public trust. It is believed that there should have been ample time to run a special election when Mr. [President] resigned his seat. Many residents believe that the resignation announcement was delayed, so that the Board could select their preferred candidate. Thirdly, Ms. Nissirios submitted an application for the vacant spot while she was still a trustee and the results of the election that she ultimately lost were not known. Under the New Jersey Board of Education rules, as I read it, she was not eligible to participate, and thus her candidacy for the vacant spot should not be recognized…. Additionally, the November election voted [Name] as a new member of the Board of Education, which unseated Ms. Nissirios. Simultaneously, [the President’s] resigned seat is now ‘conveniently’ filled by Ms. Nissirios. We have lost trust in the educational track of our children. Furthermore, during the December 6 special meeting, where the Board deliberated on the selection to fill the vacancy in private, it seems Ms. Nissirios ‘conveniently’ resigned her seat, in advance of the rest of us even knowing your decision. That has to be ‘perfect’ timing of events, because you cannot hold two seats at once, and what foresight does she have? Was that part of the advice counsel gave you, before you conducted this process? This action feels premeditated, orchestrated, raising the question of whether the interview process was a complete sham, or just a backup to keep Evelyn in the event she lost the election, which she did.”

“It was appalling to me, because what I heard was, ‘Let’s give her a chance.’ Well, the chance was given: it was a three-year term. I believe the full term was completed…. I do believe that there needs to be an incredible degree of accountability that needs to be induced into this Board. That was the basis of me running, and that is why I am here speaking, not necessarily against you guys as a collective whole but against this particular decision, which does not sit with me…. It is concerning to me that this Board continues to stick with the same, and it does feel like it is friends helping friends.”

“If I had known, coming in, the applicants, I just feel like, maybe it was a little bit of an unfair chance for others, because it is an election, we do vote…. Listen, I have nothing against Evelyn…. I just feel like, she had her chance.”

“Every year you agree to [the School Board] Code of Ethics, where you all agreed that you will vote to appoint the best qualified person available, and that you will refuse to surrender any independent judgment or use anything for the gain of threat. When I look at all the candidates,… I really do not care who it is. I just expect the best, 100 percent. When I look at one of the candidates, which is Dr. [Name], I see somebody who comes in as an Eagle Scout, an Iraqi War veteran, an Ivy League dental degree, an Ivy League master’s degree, an MBA, sits on the board of governors of a college, funds six separate educational endowments, mentors students at Bergen County Academy, is a keynote speaker in local high schools on the danger of fentanyl, has three children that attended [District School], has a multiracial family, and has a special needs child and is exceptionally versed in that critical part of the educational paradigm. So, I am wondering, what was more qualified, from an independent perspective, about [Evelyn Nissirios]?”

“We are a democracy. I get defeated, I should take a rest. I can come back at some stage, but let the new blood come. Let a new beginning happen, because people have spoken. We do not live in a Banana Republic. I am a law professor, and I teach legal ethics, and some of you are lawyers…. One principle that has been taught to us, whether we practice or not, is … our commitment to ethics, our commitment to the Constitution, our commitment to the processes of democracy…. I close by making a plea to Evelyn, that she please step aside.”



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.