Evelyn Nissirios — Child Trafficking, Pedophilic Sex Rings, and Satanic Cults

Bandy X. Lee
5 min readApr 19, 2024


I Had Stopped Writing about Evelyn Nissirios, Not Because of a Lack of Stories, but Because of Overwhelmingly Many

The above topics were bound to arise. Before I go into them, below are other titles I would have written about, had I unlimited time:

Evelyn Nissirios — ‘She and Her Cronies are a Bunch of Thugs’

A Protective Parent Upends Her Life in Order to Save It

A “protective parent” is called such in relation to Family Court because she (and sometimes he) will be the only person trying to protect a child, against a mammoth of a Family Court system intent on harming and destroying the child — and decimating the protective parent who is in the way. A “resource curse,” as they call it in Africa, the “hot commodities” here are not diamonds and gold but children. “It was like meeting Godfather — with all these backroom deals going on!” said a protective parent who, upon recognizing Evelyn Nissirios’ intentions, decided that the only solution for protecting herself was to quit her high-powered profession, uproot from all family and friends, and move to another, more rural region of the country. One used to hear of families in Mexico doing this after they became targets of drug cartels. Here, the criminal cartels are the Family Courts, for which Nissirios is the henchwoman….

Evelyn Nissirios — ‘I Wanted to Ask Her, How do You Live with Yourself?’

I Explained: ‘She does Not Think that Way — All that Matters is Power and Money’

This protective parent simply could not understand: “Evelyn Nissirios has a daughter,” she said. “How would she like it if a total stranger came, claimed to know her child better than she [after a fifteen-minute interview], and go all of a sudden from one night a week to 50 percent custody [for the father]? My daughter was vomiting and considering suicide!” Nissirios does this only for the confirmed abuser — which is why she acts as judge, jury, and executioner, not to mention mental health professional, custody evaluator, parenting coordinator, and surrogate parent — not allowing the real parent any say — as she decides that the child’s fate should be her worst nightmare. She is not bothered by conscience but considers this a “score”, where her power over others and the money she earns without having the qualifications affirm her existence, and this is how she defines success. Far from not being able to live with herself, she cannot live without this high! This is my assessment, based on an analysis of two dozens of her cases, some in great detail.

In this case, the father had been convicted of sexual assault, and these are especially situations where Nissirios must all the more immediately “reunite” the child with the father, so that the abuser she is serving loses no advantage. Inevitably, signs of continued abuse surface, and the 50–50 custody rapidly turns into 100–0 custody in favor of the abusive father (or abusive mother). Nissirios’ daughter will not go through such a fate — for in her warped mind, she has “prevented” it through “attacking before she is attacked.” However, her inner void, where there are only perpetrators and victims, will ultimately transmit to her child….

It is therefore not surprising that I would finally encounter the following:

Evelyn Nissirios — Child Trafficking, Pedophilic Sex Rings, and Satanic Cults

In the Darkest Recesses of Humanity where Evelyn Nissirios Operates, Anything is Possible

It should not have been surprising, amid a deluge of reports, that I would eventually learn that the above have been occurring in the context of Evelyn Nissirios’ involvement. Highly credible litigants have reported them, and the stories are consistent with others I have verified. They are also consistent with the dangerous personality traits I have identified in Nissirios, in that she would be capable of almost any kind of harm and derive exceptional pleasure from it.

It may be shocking for the reader to hear that I regularly witness child sex trafficking in relation to Family Court: in about half the cases where the Courts have handed children to their abusers, the abusers in turn traffic the children, either to their own circle of pedophilic family and friends or to pedophilic gangs (these gangs are ubiquitous — I am told they operate along the entire East and West Coasts, awaiting Family Court-generated “fodder”). This is what abusive do. It is our modern-day slave trade, and I believe one of the reasons why Family Courts, almost without exception, give custody of children to abusers — because it is the difference between hard work and loss of profit versus easy work and up to 175 billion dollars’ revenue per year! It is the reason why Family Courts, which lawyers describe as “the sewer” of the judicial system, is more lucrative than all the other courts combined.

Whereas the fact that Nissirios now has criminal charges against her — an amazing feat, considering the “absolute judicial immunity” she flaunts — that is not the biggest news I have to deliver. The story of child sex trafficking occurring through her is, like a punch in the gut. I will have to figure out a way to deliver the excruciating details….

Whether our criminal justice system is up to the task of dealing with so sprawling and profitable an organized crime will be the question. The destruction of families and children at epidemic levels is creating such immense harm, it is affecting our ability to remain a democracy. Family Courts are aggressively keeping this a secret — through “gag orders” and “court seals” — because once the public knows, the outcry would be explosive.

*This is the fourteenth of articles warning against the heinous, unaccounted-for acts of violence against children by Evelyn Nissirios, as stories continue to pour in. As long as the child abuse, torture, battery, and rape continue under her “assistance”, there is a duty for onlookers not to remain silent: reducing child victims of today is critical to preventing adult perpetrators of tomorrow. An electronic letter of her criminal charges is being sent to Emily Kaufman of the Saddle River Board of Education, who stated a month ago, “none of the board members have been charged with nor convicted of any disqualifying crime,” in order to keep a member whom the community explicitly held an election to remove and voted out. Now that Nissirios has been charged with life-threatening harassment and a potential felony, will Kaufman and the Saddle River Board of Education do something now, or will they continue to harbor a serial child predator, confirmed by overwhelming medical evidence, finally to be presented to the prosecutors? More will soon be exposed in the upcoming book, Judicial Violence: Anatomy of a Family Court Case, as well as a critically-needed television series and a documentary!



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.