Evelyn Nissirios — Needs to be Prosecuted and Disbarred

Bandy X. Lee
6 min readMar 22, 2024

Criminal Charges are being Brought against Her, but a Civilized Society Needs Law Enforcement

It has been rewarding for me to learn that my articles are helping many to navigate the confusing “Twilight Zone” or “Alice in Wonderland” world that loving parents say Evelyn Nissirios has created for them — where down is up, white is black, and abuse is the best thing that ever happened to their child. However, to truly protect our children, we need to do more. As abolitionist of slavery Frederick Douglass has said: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

There is a double-entendre here: a civilized society should stop serial child predators like Nissirios from destroying its budding members in her attempt to benefit “broken men.” This means that Boards of Education, Ethics Committees, and Family Courts should not serve as hiding places for habitual child predators like she. Child Protective Services, already scandalous in New Jersey for missing too many deaths — and hence having to change its name in 2012 but changing little of its practices — must do better than simply serve to “rubber stamp” wrong (but lucrative) decisions.

Children should not be sent to their rape, battery, murder, and suicide for the financial profit of child predators.

The case that started my following Nissirios is truly one of the most benign among the two dozen or so I have since received of Nissirios’ stomach-churning crimes against innocent children and their loving parents. However, I have witnessed this case firsthand, without needing the mother to break any “gag order” or court “seal” — the chief means by which Family Courts cover up their organized crime — while it illustrates well Nissirios’ modus operandi.

Every person who is told that this mother has not seen or heard from her children, for even one minute in two and a half years, usually gasps — what could she have done that would cause such a fate? Even murderers get parenting time!

What if you were told that her only “crime” was to be a model mother, under whom her prodigy children thrived for the first ten years of their lives, in perfect physical and psychological health? Not only that, her lunches were “the talk of the town” for the care they showed, and her parenting skills were famous throughout the neighborhood. Discerning parents trusted her with their children like themselves, and teachers and counselors sought advice for her “way” with children.

However, loving, nurturing, and capable parents are precisely the ones from whom Nissirios finds it necessary to tear children away — not just forcefully and brutally, but using the most barbaric and violent methods possible. Few will believe what happened — except for those living through almost identical experiences under her.

The absentee father of this case, who was nicknamed “photo-op dad” for appearing only for five minutes on special occasions, suddenly wanted a divorce: he was smitten with a new, younger mistress. He could not wait to leave the house and even reserved a single’s room for rent. However, Family Court enticed him to take the children, for then he would not only avoid alimony and child support payments but potentially seize the house, demand his legal fees, and even put his ex-spouse in jail (if she cannot pay the exorbitant penalties). This corrupt proposition is often one that abusive, “broken men” find too tempting to pass up.

But this father, having occupied all his time with singles parties, singing lessons, alcohol abuse, violent “indie” films, and his pornography addiction, did not know how to handle children. From the first day of imposing his “parenting time” on them, cries and screams reverberated through the house. Every additional hour with him turned into more cuts, bruises, bloody shirts, and the biggest injuries they had in their entire lives. Yet, Nissirios, as guardian ad litem, kept increasing his “parenting time.”

Finally, the father almost killed his seven-year-old son, when he slammed his head against a window — the way he previously almost killed his daughter as an infant by head injury — which caused him to be on a temporary restraining order. Nissirios was increasing his custody from zero to half-time when she co-conspired with him to kidnap the children altogether.

On his first full weekend with them, the father stole the children’s passports and fled across state lines with them — in overt violation of Court directives — but was discovered because the terrified children called their maternal grandfather. Nissirios said nothing about this, in the same way she said nothing when she learned of the father’s threatening the children with police, arrests, and jail if they did not do as he said — especially frightening after they had been police-escorted to him for refusing his “parenting time.” She could not let facts interfere with her agenda: she also buried the children’s suicide notes, attempts to set the house on fire in protest, emergency room visits for suicide attempts, emergency follow-up visits after suicide attempts, and letters to the Court asking to fire her for acting as their “enemy”.

Yet, when the mother, on her legitimate weekend with the children — which Nissirios herself assigned — tried to access a pool at a nearby hotel, which was well within Court directives, Nissirios and the father descended on her with a raid by five police officers and ripped her screaming and clinging children from her arms. They had maliciously accused the mother of “absconding”, but the charges were immediately dropped when their obvious lies were exposed. Nevertheless, having seized the children, the father used the opportunity to conceal them entirely, and Nissirios has ensured that the mother could not get a single message to them, while telling them that their mother abandoned them, no longer loved them, and wished nothing more to do with them.

Nine psychiatric professionals, some of them with world renown, have declared the mother not only fit but with “exceptional talent” in parenting. Six forensic professionals, four of whom diagnosed him with a serious personality disorder, have warned that the father is a danger to his children. Yet, through abuse of authority and almost 350 counts of perjury and lies to the Court, Nissirios suppressed them all. There are objective signs of deterioration: despite every effort to block the mother from accessing school and pediatric records, it was revealed that the daughter missed almost half of school since the abduction (she had perfect attendance before); both children are failing to thrive, as they became the smallest in their classes (they were average height and weight before); an orthopedist noted a bone injury in the daughter that was “neglected for months”; the son had more emergency room visits; and both of them have such serious tooth decay from neglect as to need surgery. Now, these poor children may even have contracted hepatitis B! In the meantime, the emboldened father is indeed demanding six figures in “child support,” his legal fees, the house, and offering no alimony (however much he is paying Nissirios, it is obviously worth it!). In addition, he has attempted five times — and succeeded in four — to co-conspire with Nissirios to get the mother and her affiliates arrested on further false charges.

When criminals are not held accountable, they do not stop but “DARVO” (“Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender”), in order to cover up their own crimes. They are, very simply, terrified of the truth getting out. This is why each and every one of Nissirios’ numerous victims should similarly press criminal charges and not be fooled by her “official” appointments, when she is in truth a vicious gangster who violently preys on the children she is supposed to protect.

*This is the thirteenth of weekly articles, as reports of Evelyn Nissirios’ abhorrent acts against children have grown overwhelming. Now, just days after the filing of criminal charges, Emily Kaufman of the Saddle River Board of Education finally answered my communication from over five weeks ago on March 20, 2024, stating, “none of the board members have been charged with nor convicted of any disqualifying crime,” to which I responded, “your refusal to investigate credible charges does not absolve you from responsibility” — which is especially alarming, given the severity of the charges. Saddle River, above all, has endured Nissirios’ brazenly remaining on the Board of Education, after the community explicitly held an election to remove her and indeed voted her out. If a Board of Education is too busy sheltering “broken women” to protect children, then perhaps it, too — like Child Protective Services and the Family Courts — needs to be abolished.



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.