Evelyn Nissirios — Serial Child Torturer Stays on School Board

Bandy X. Lee
4 min readFeb 16, 2024

‘Mentally Ill, Incompetent, and Evil’

The Saddle River School Board has still not responded to my legally-mandated report of child abuse by one of its members. I made about a half-dozen attempts at communication, copying both the current Board president and the District superintendent, beginning in February 2023.

First, I qualify that I am a forensic psychiatrist and expert witness for the courts with twenty-five years of experience. I have consulted with the World Health Organization and coauthored the United Nations Secretary-General’s chapter on “Violence against Children.” In addition to specializing in treating violent offenders, I have advised policymakers on prison reform and community violence prevention. But as a physician, I am a mandated reporter of child abuse.

Evelyn Nissirios has a playbook: whenever there is proof of child abuse, she quickly tears the children from their primary, good parent; gives them to their abuser; blocks all contact with the good parent and tells the children the parent “abandoned” them; and then “fixes” the results with Child Protective Services and Family Court, so that the abuser is the “innocent victim,” deserving to have full custody of the children. This is her identical tactic for transferring dozens of healthy children to their abuse. The abuser, who is usually also the moneyed spouse, not only escapes prosecution but profits from this arrangement — even demands exorbitant “child support” — which helps pay Nissirios. Each child, consigned to battery or sexual slavery without the primary supportive parent, is maximally predisposed to lifelong psychological and physical damage and premature death by decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Nissirios has threatened to hurt these children further if the good parents spoke up — which is why these parents have contacted me under strict confidentiality. New victims keep reaching out, even today. “Before I read all your articles, I thought it was just me,” they uniformly say. They alternatingly describe her as “mentally ill” and “incompetent”, but almost always “evil”, for her obvious sadistic delight in causing suffering.

What does it mean for sadism and cruelty to come up repeatedly in relation to Nissirios? Finally, one of her former employers has made a request for me to evaluate her, in the context of charging her with financial fraud. I have only begun my investigation, and will need a court order to attempt a personal interview (most refuse, but a “reasonable effort” must be made). Nevertheless, observations count, as at the Saddle River School Board meeting on February 7, 2024, which I attended at the request of several community members.

A professional assessment is important, since one of the most dangerous and destructive conditions known to psychiatry carries a “mask of sanity,” as psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley dubbed. They can be exceptionally charismatic and manipulative, able to turn others into their “patrons and pawns,” as psychologist Robert Hare described. Masters at conning, they present themselves as competent, despite their disorder being more debilitating than almost any other: a lack of conscience is unrestorable. Nevertheless, knowing wrong from right, it is the essence of “evil”.

Nissirios’ command of the School Board was evident that evening, as the Board president looked at her 85 percent of time, even when addressing the public, as if seeking her validation. Nissirios’ obvious affinity with another Board member suggested a loyalty that would supersede the good of the community, anytime. Again, the School Board seemed to reflect her personality, when it added more draconian requirements for the public, such as the need to speak at a podium, even as the Board further eliminated formal obligations for itself. When a community member complained of something not being done, the Board resorted to praising the responsible member as “wearing many hats,” rather than addressing the incompetence.

I voiced my inquiry: “I have expressed very deep concerns about a member on this Board who has engaged in extreme acts of child abuse, both in number as well as in severity, since almost a year ago. It is deeply disturbing to me that this member is still on the Board. My question to you is, how would I have to make my request so that there is a response, whether it be an investigation or some kind of intervention? What would I need to do?” The Board president’s response was: “Is that the end of your question?”

Nissirios did not flinch, even smirked and giggled. The aftermath was even stranger. First, a brave physician stepped up after me and stated: “I have no idea what she is talking about, but as a Board, you are obligated to give answers to that. I can tell you as a physician, I have the same obligations…. I expect an answer, and so does the community.” The Board president’s robotic response was, again: “Next, any questions?”

An obvious friend of the Board then came up, bringing up niceties and compliments, in a surreal effort to distract from the topic, so that the Board could pretend nothing had happened. In the end, despite the Board president’s promise to answer all questions, my inquiry was disregarded, as if it did not exist.

As community members gathered around me at the end, questioning me about my bombshell announcement, the Board frantically went into conference in a back room. This is not the behavior of a Board serving a community, but one protecting its power against the community — as someone once said of this Board — “like a dictatorship!”

*This is the eighth of weekly articles, initially intended to be a short series, on the information I have been asked to provide the Saddle River community. This material may be difficult to read, but nothing can be worse than the continued destruction of lives — and this article is published for the Board of Education’s continued lack of response for over a week, despite my reaching out again privately. More on Evelyn Nissirios will be revealed and evidentially corroborated in the upcoming book, Judicial Violence: Anatomy of a Family Court Case. Those who have additional information to share can reach me here. Thank you!



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.