Evelyn Nissirios — She Cannot Forever Escape Accountability….

Bandy X. Lee
4 min readFeb 23, 2024

Will the New Jersey Supreme Court Judicial Review Board Reschedule Her Appearance?

Evelyn Nissirios was required to go before the New Jersey Supreme Court Judicial Review Board on February 13, 2024, I am told, in part because of my articles. However, I am still waiting to be contacted, and still have not presented the evidence. Incidentally, the date of her required appearance happened on a day of court closure because of a snowstorm, and so it would be interesting to see if it is rescheduled. The Supreme Court may have little interest other than to show that it “did something” to address the problem. Judicial review boards overwhelmingly protect their own, often serving as little more than a “rubber stamping” of their colleagues’ abuses. Without citizen scrutiny, they seldom do their job, as seen with the Office of Attorney Ethics.

Professors at Harvard Law School told me that public pressure may be the only way to force Family Courts, the “organized crime” arm of the judiciary, to veer from their profit-driven practice of sending abused children from good parents to their abusers. Nissirios’ exclusive involvement in these Courts, which nationally may increase parental murders of children by up to 25 percent, could be a telling sign of her modus operandi.

Having specialized in evaluating and treating the most violent individuals our society produces, I recognized Nissirios from the start. The most dangerous perpetrators are often the last to be caught because of public misconceptions of how criminal offenders look and behave. They are often exceptionally charming or even elicit sympathy — it is a skill they have learned to hone, in order to mask their brutality and to get their way.

One way to detect them is how, far from their self-portrayals as “victims”, they will over-defend themselves. When Nissirios first saw me in at the Saddle River Board of Education meeting on February 7, 2024, she immediately made a phone call, and her husband appeared, others told me, for the first time at these meetings. It recalls of her positioning and posturing with not one but always with two lawyers, when self-represented litigants sue her in court — representing themselves because Nissirios has financially decimated them — and yet she is prepared to “hit back ten times harder,” mobilizing all her force as a lawyer armed with two additional lawyers. In one case, she slapped on a 27,000-dollar fine for even daring to sue her. In this manner, she operates through overpowering and intimidation.

In her “ordinary job” of maximizing harm and trauma to children, to make the parent trying to protect the children appear guilty, Nissirios perjures incessantly in court, files false police reports, orchestrates false arrests, ambushes with police raids, and incarcerates without due process. All these theatrics are to hide her own criminal depravity.

The Saddle River Board of Education, as it turns out, is similarly guarded. “You don’t get anything out of these people. What are they hiding?” asked one community member. And here is my recent communication, which has equally gone unanswered:

February 12, 2024

Dear Ms. Kaufman:

As the new president of the Board, I am hoping that you will be able to answer the serious and enduring concerns I have expressed regarding my mandated report of child abuse by one of the Saddle River Board of Education members. As you can see below, Mr. Jon Peros never answered the series of communications I attempted since approximately a year ago. However, most of the members currently on the Board, including yourself, Ms. Elizabeth Salazer, Ms. Yasmin Elshami, Ms. Evelyn Nissirios [herself], Ms. Kaitlyn Lawler, and Dr. Gina Cinotti — indeed, everyone but one — were all copied on those emails.

As you know, I asked specifically at the Wednesday, February 7, 2024, meeting: “How would I have to make my request so that there is a response, whether it be an investigation or some kind of intervention? What would I need to do?” This was the only question for which I traveled to Saddle River from New York City, to attend the meeting at the request of several community members. Despite a promise to answer all questions at the end, you offered no answer to my question; in fact, it was completely ignored. This, despite the fact that another physician followed immediately after me, and said: “I have no idea what she is talking about, but as a Board, you are obligated to give answers to that…. I expect an answer, and so does the community.”

I am hoping that you will not continue to ignore my question, since, as I expressed at the meeting, this concerns serious, serial, extreme child abuse of the severest order, of more than a dozen children that I know of in detail. I have over 1000 pages of medical evidence on one case alone. Attached is a report by a world expert on torture, consultant to the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court, who confirmed torture in a case where Ms. Evelyn Nissirios is the principal state actor.

I am hoping finally to receive an answer to the question I posed to you on Wednesday, for child abuse of such magnitude must be a primary concern for a Board of Education, which you cannot simply overlook or delegate to other authorities.


Bandy X. Lee, M.D., M.Div.

Forensic Psychiatrist and Violence Expert; Co-founder, Violence Prevention Institute; President, World Mental Health Coalition; Author of Textbook, Violence

*This is the ninth of weekly articles, initially intended to be a short series, on the information I have been asked to provide the Saddle River community. As long as child abuse is continuing, I have a legally-mandated duty to report (and as long as there is impunity, perpetrators will continue, if not intensify). More on Evelyn Nissirios will be revealed and corroborated through evidence in the upcoming book, Judicial Violence: Anatomy of a Family Court Case. Those who have additional information to share can reach me here. Thank you!



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.