Evelyn Nissirios — She Cannot Hide Forever from the Law….

Bandy X. Lee
4 min readMar 1, 2024

A Required Reckoning for Society

Yet another report has come in that Evelyn Nissirios, true to her form, sided with the perverted, child predator. There has been no exception: with her help, the predator can imprison his victim in his sole custody, so that loving adults cannot access but he has complete control over his sexual slave until she turns eighteen. In most cases, these children are too damaged to recover themselves when they “escape” — and turn to suicide, extreme rage, lifelong depression, and pedophilia themselves.

In some states, aggravated rape of a minor under twelve carries the death penalty. Under Nissirios, the rapist wins custody of the child, and Nissirios is handsomely rewarded financially, makes herself a favorite of corrupt Family Court judges, and hides within “ethics committees” and a “board of education.” She even gets to whet her appetite for the pleasure she derives from maximizing the torture of innocent children — a characteristic those who have witnessed her in Family Court uniformly report. Rewards reinforce her practices, and impunity emboldens her. The failure to contain her at every level is as much an indictment of society as it is of Nissirios.

As a forensic psychiatrist, I worked in many maximum-security prisons, and it is striking how prisoners themselves often have a hierarchical distinction of crimes. No matter how heinous your murders, or how gruesome your acts of mutilation, there is nothing as depraved as being a pedophile. Indeed, we often have to separate individuals convicted of child sexual assault from the others for their own safety, since they could be killed instantly.

My perception is that these prisoners are responding to their own experiences of helplessness. Predatory pedophiles are clever, calculating criminals who enjoy near-immunity in society, because of the widespread unwillingness to recognize the sharks in our midst. They take great care to cover their tracks, working themselves into positions of trust, and then stalk their prey under near-perfect camouflage — such as that which Nissirios provides. Yet, the consequences of their violence are witnessed in our psychiatric wards, our prisons, and our graveyards.

My reason for agreeing to write this column is to become a voice for these victims, and for all the good — often excellent — parents who had their children stripped from them, to be sold to their torture, rape, and battery.

We cannot turn away from these most vulnerable victims of society.

For every child who has been sacrificed, there may be a half-dozen loving adults whose lives are also entirely ruined, or at least remain only as a shell of their former selves. This means, from just the cases I received of Nissirios’ alone, there are approximately one hundred forty lives she needlessly destroyed — and I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We cannot allow predators to continue to go unprosecuted.

All of the above lives are destroyed to advantage the one predator Nissirios is protecting per case, who often misuses this “opportunity” for further self-harm, anyway, such as in murder-suicides. These are individuals who are unwell to start, and as is the principle when treating violent offenders — my area of specialty — the last thing you wish to do is to give them what they want.

Ignorance, incompetence, and evil manifest in other ways.

Ignorance and incompetence are already a dangerous combination, but a lack of conscience makes things exponentially worse. With the undercurrent that Nissirios brings, it is of little wonder that the Saddle River community is languishing. Indeed, this column began also for them, at the request of a local official.

Members of the community are not only unhappy from being under Nissirios’ unwanted coercion, for her refusal to leave the Board of Education, despite the community voting her out. They are dismayed at the ignorance, incompetence, and corruption she causes to prevail, by keeping out truly competent, well-educated, and caring individuals who are eager to join the Board — in some cases, to stop the destruction.

This is very similar to what Nissirios does to the children placed in her charge in Family Court: she ruthlessly overrides parents who are more often far superior to her in education, professional achievement, and parenting ability, pretending to know more than they, as she enforces a path that ensures maximal injury and cruelty to the children. We know her ignorance is willful from the number of highly-credentialed medical reports and professional warnings she rejects, in favor of her uneducated, biased (and probably pathological) opinion. “If you picked anyone blindfolded off the street, they would be a better guardian ad litem!” one parent lamented to me.

“The school has suffered terribly,” according to several members of the community who are grieving the descent of their beloved institution. The Board of Education is occupied through illegitimate appointments (like Nissirios) or through family and other connections — by those who “do not do any work.” According to these sources, it has gone through six Board administrators and four assistant bureaus in three years, because “nobody can work with” the current superintendent. “We have lost good teachers…. Terrible!”

A Board of Education that harbors a serial child predator is likely to have other problems. A lot is revealed in its refusal to hear about a member’s transgressions — regardless of the evidence or the credentials of those bringing charges — its seeming lack of educational or ethical background to understand these charges, and most disturbingly the characteristics it shares with Nissirios.

*This is the tenth of weekly articles, initially intended to be a short series, but now growing more serious as the Saddle River Board of Education willfully ignores the demands of its community. As long as child abuse is continuing, I have a legally-mandated duty to report. More on Evelyn Nissirios will be revealed and corroborated through evidence in the upcoming book, Judicial Violence: Anatomy of a Family Court Case. Those who have additional information to share can reach me here. Thank you!



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.