Evelyn Nissirios — Unlikely to Step Down from Illegitimately-Attained School Board Position

Bandy X. Lee
4 min readDec 29, 2023

‘Wherever She Goes, Whatever She Does, She Corrupts’

This writing on Evelyn Nissirios is by request. Since my article about her saga at the Saddle River School Board, many have reached out to me — just as many of her victims contacted me after I wrote about her abuses in one Family Court case. First, as a mandated reporter, it is my duty to speak up when there are dangers to public safety and wellbeing, especially where children are involved. I must do so independently of other mandated reporters, such as law enforcement or schools. Secondly, as a citizen, it is my belief that corruption is extremely harmful to society, for it causes structures not to work, and thus requires exposure. And whereas for ordinary persons, it may take “absolute power to corrupt absolutely,” for petty individuals, petty power may be enough.

A local official was having a hard time understanding Nissirios’ need to so cling to her illegitimately-attained power — going so far as to “double down” in the face of intense uproar. I learned of backroom deals and manipulations seemingly to advantage her child, and potentially illegal activities under “legal” cover as a selling point. She promotes herself vigorously as an “ethical” lawyer, but this is a device, much like her use of Family Court connections to conceal felony crimes.

With her on the School Board, the entity has unprecedentedly resorted to threats and intimidation. For example, it called the police on a mother, for the first time in its history, in relation to a bus controversy that Nissirios herself largely caused. In another incident, a child being playful with his friend was reported as bullying, and the Board enacted the most severe punishment possible, compromising his future educational prospects. Actions that do not assume raw aggression are arbitrary at best: the Board is positioning to make ten-year contracts with neighboring schools before a feasibility study is complete — a study in which those who are most affected, parents, are not allowed to give input — as if to preempt even this feeble study. With all but Nissirios’ fingerprints on these actions (the average middle-class mother has experienced police raids and arrests under her, and the gratuitous torture of children beyond what is called for is her everyday practice), it appears that, like a tail wagging the dog, she has been weaponizing the Board to her own ends. There are other characteristic accounts of her breaking all the rules to harm others and to elevate herself.

I also learned that Nissirios was not elected even for her first term. Residents overlooked the matter because she was new to the district, and they trusted that the other four Board members would keep her in line. During her three-year term, however, the residents became so unhappy, that one reason for her opponent’s campaign was to get her out! The public was rather kept in the dark when the president of the School Board, Jon Peros, kept secret the fact that he had moved to Florida and enrolled his children in Florida schools three months before the election; people found out only because he did not show up to Board meetings. He resigned his seat with timing that would miss opportunities for a special election, but the thirty-day deadline for the Board to fill his seat would fall on the day after the general election. Incidentally, the election results were not yet in by that date, but Nissirios resigned her position anyway and took the seat — even though, had her opponent not won, it would have created the absurdity of her having to fill two seats at once!

Qualified people were not lacking; the community had two other, stellar candidates who were by every objective measure superior in qualifications to Nissirios. The election finagling, in this manner, was much more extensive and egregious than one might first imagine.

Destructive individuals have a distinctive pattern, and what I note here is important insofar as what it reveals about Nissirios’ character and her dangerousness. Since destructive individuals often have a deceptive presentation, it is important to call them out when their hidden pattern surfaces and to hold them to account, since the dangers are likely to be far greater than initially apparent. Otherwise, the victimization will not stop on its own. Also, destructive individuals exploit the polite socialization of civil society, such as the etiquette not to speak ill of someone (which works only insofar as the exploiters are stopped).

The remarkably consistent, accumulated accounts from Saddle River are in line with at least a half-dozen, detailed reports of Nissirios’ unspeakable, stomach-churning acts of cruelty against children, all hidden under Family Court “seals”. Because of extreme Family Court corruption — which results in a preventable child death every six days for its 60-billion-a-year revenue — she has not been held to account, and criminal charges are slow to develop. Meanwhile, there are medical facts that are clear, and can be testified to in appropriate settings. While the reasons why she is so vindictive against innocent children, and apparently against the community she is supposed to serve, remains unknown, at the very least, the public has a right to know about the dangers Nissirios poses.

*This is the first of a short series of weekly articles devoted to the information I have about Evelyn Nissirios’ danger to children, written at the request of a local official. All informants and whistleblowers will be kept anonymous for their protection, but I shall remain available to testify on what I witnessed under oath, and to assist as necessary in the protection of children, public safety, and justice in a civil society.



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.