How Many Children will Jane Gallina-Mecca Sacrifice before She is Held Accountable?

Bandy X. Lee
10 min readMay 7, 2024


The Trail of Dead Bodies Family Courts Leave behind Calls for Limits on ‘Judicial Immunity’

Perhaps the most shocking experience of my twenty-five-year career as a psychiatrist and an expert on violence is the discovery that more than 58,000 children per year are knowingly being sent to their torture and death by the Family Courts. If I and other health professionals spend our lifetimes trying to protect human life, to safeguard each child and to heal adults from childhood trauma, while trying to prevent intergenerational transmissions of trauma, what is all our work for, if just the known Court-facilitated murders are reaching one thousand children? This is without counting suicides, which are just as many, or “soul murders,” which may reach a million in the same period. The anguish does not stop with the children, since they are usually forcibly extracted from their loving parent and stable home, to be given to their abuser. Extended family and other adults who love the children may also be affected by their gruesome sacrifice. Those who have been through Family Court learn that no amount of objections by loving adults matter. No amount of evidence matters. Efforts to stop the violence only backfires, since judges like Jane Gallina-Mecca know exactly what they are doing and what they can get away with.

Since domestic violence means that children and women are at the frontlines against the most violent perpetrators society produces, serving as its conduit means facilitating the most horrific human atrocities conceivable, but also the most lucrative returns. As much as Family Courts try to hide their criminal acts through “court seals,” “gag orders,” and attacks on the press, studies are now showing that the loving parent, usually the mother, all too often commits suicide, dies instantly from “broken heart syndrome,” or more slowly from other stress-related diseases, such as cancer. This is unsurprising, for what is more unbearable than for a loving parent to lose one’s child to an abuser? It is a fate worse than death, of which physical demise is only a natural consequence. Even if they do not die, they are usually rendered destitute, homeless, and incarcerated, for the goal of Family Court is to decimate the credibility, and even the capacity, of victims to become witnesses of their judicial violence.

While criminal courts must abide by the law and strict rules of procedure, Family Courts are not only a secret but a lawless land, where the judge can put anyone in jail without due process, bail, or even cause. Therefore, many have acquired the habit of incarcerating innocent persons, destroying their businesses, and ruining their professional careers, rather than let them be witnesses against the judges’ profit-driven, predetermined verdicts (which, in my experience, is 100 percent to reward the children to the abusive parent, regardless of proof or even criminal conviction of that parent).

Gallina-Mecca arrested me and a world-renowned, elderly physician for trying to report child abuse, based on secret “court orders” that no one has seen — not even the prosecutor — and when the world-renowned physician and I submitted multiple requests to see the orders, she became apoplectic, calling our request “bald” and “insupportable”. She cited “the safety and protection of the minor children” as her reason for refusing to allow us even to see the orders that caused our arrests, but the children’s “safety and protection” does not explain her prohibiting the children from seeing a psychiatrist, as their pediatrician recommended upon confirming abuse; does not explain her closing down three Child Protective Services cases against the abusive father, by allowing him to have full access to their records during their active investigations against him; and does not explain her blocking the mother from having any access to school or medical records, once she learned that her children missed one-half of school and ceased growing since the forced custody transfer. Her abuses of judicial authority were so apparent to the prosecutor, my charges were promptly thrown out, and the hearing lasted less than ten minutes.

Family Courts are the equivalent of an institution mounting a sign saying it is a hospital, but upon entering one recognizes that it is actually a slaughterhouse. If one discovered a hospital doing this, one could leave, report the horrors, hold the “caregivers” accountable, and — most importantly — survive. Family “Courts” do not allow this; once a litigant enters, one is trapped, cannot report, will be retaliated against if one actually sought justice, and — most tragically — too many die. All this is made possible because the structure of Family Courts is like a dictatorship and proceedings are kept secret, while the judge controls the “evidence”, has no jury, has the power to disbar lawyers who do not please her, oust players who do not go along, and have no accountability whatsoever (the only oversight is other judges, who have been found to protect one another instead).

Thus, Family Courts go far beyond imprisoning “kids for cash” to running a child slave trade that brings in 50 to 175 billion dollars a year for the Courts alone (what abusers make and “pay back” for their custody reward — through child sex trafficking and child pornography production — is harder to quantify, but these activities are rampant enough for me to see them in roughly half the Family Court cases I come to examine in detail as an expert witness). Insiders know how bad it is, and I know of judges who were removed for not going along and family lawyers who quit law altogether, finding the practice too revolting. I recently heard from a therapist who stated of Family Courts: “I can honestly say these were the worst cases I experienced in my therapeutic role, leaving me feeling completely disempowered and helpless.”

The level of depravity and disdain for human life, indeed, is unimaginable. I became acquainted with Family Courts not through my career as a forensic psychiatrist — Family Courts regularly shun real experts — but through my sister’s horrific divorce. Yet, countless others reaching out to me since my articles, three dozen of them under Gallina-Mecca, reveal that my sister’s situation is far from the worst. These reports involve multiple murders, child rape, battery requiring hospitalization, and other sacrifices of children and mothers by removing permanent protective orders, refusing to give protective orders until mothers are killed, falsely accusing innocent parents without evidence or due process, and falsely “exonerating” violent perpetrators, all so that children could be “sold” to their abusers — and I have never seen such contempt for the Law as in Family Court.

I do not know what has happened to my niece and nephew, since no adult who previously cared for them has been allowed access to them for almost three years. Gallina-Mecca gave their sole custody to the abusive father, who was on a protective order for almost killing each of them by head injury, and who tried to abscond with them after stealing their passports. We only learned of their repeated emergency room visits, orthopedic injuries that went neglected for months, and oral surgeries because of dental neglect. Even this information is from a year ago, since there has been a complete overhaul of providers, and the mother cannot even know whom the children are seeing. Most recently, there were records that he was in Mexico, but she cannot even confirm if he took the children. In this manner, loving mothers who raise their children successfully — in my sister’s case for their first ten happy, healthy, and thriving years — are shut out of the children’s lives altogether, so that the abusive parent Family Court favors can charge child support (in my sister’s case, 100,000 dollars per year), demand his legal fees, keep the house, pay no alimony, and incarcerate the mother if she cannot pay. This near-identical “playbook” is applied to tens of thousands of Family Court cases per year, all across America, regardless of specific circumstances.

Here are the generic players in my sister’s case:

‘Child Therapist’ Barbara Maurer

As the Family Court-mandated children’s “therapist”, she charged the highest rates the mother has ever seen, with barely a non-social work master’s degree. Since the mother is well-versed in psychology and the daughter of a child psychology professor, she recognized that Ms. Maurer was not performing anything remotely resembling therapy. Yet, she could not reach her; she would not return calls, whereas any message from the father was answered within minutes. The children, who were suicidal because of the father’s abuse, became acutely more suicidal following each session. Finally, when the children refused her “therapy”, she locked them in her office and traumatized them. I reported her to her licensing board, which adjudged her guilty and removed her — only for the Family Court to mandate the children to another “therapist” — this time, sealing the identity of the new “therapist”.

‘Guardian ad litem’ Evelyn Nissirios

More brutal than a street gangster, that this “children’s” guardian ad litem from the start worked only for “the best interests” of the monied child predator was apparent from the degree to which she had to lie — almost 350 documented times on the record. When the children asked to talk outside the earshot of their father, who threatened them with police and jail if they said the “wrong” thing, she refused. When the children started vomiting and becoming immobile with panic before visiting, in their words, “the scariest person” with a “black heart,” she increased their time with him. When these children started injuring themselves, and tried to set the house on fire because going to their father was “torture” and “worse than death,” she wholesale helped him kidnap them via violent police raid. Now, he has the children full-time, and the mother has not seen or heard from them in almost three years. In order to achieve this illegal “custody switch,” Nissirios buried suicide notes, attempts to set the house on fire in protest, emergency room visits for suicide attempts, emergency follow-up visits after suicide attempts, and letters to the Court asking to fire her, so as to crush their voices and hand them over to a man who nearly killed each of them on different occasions.

‘Judge’ Jane Gallina-Mecca

That the Family Court “judge” was the orchestrator of these crimes is obvious from her multiple, extrajudicial meddling with providers, Child Protective Services, the school, and even criminal court. She also endlessly appointed needless “court actors,” simply to increase the number of people parroting her false narrative. This included a guardian ad litem for the mother, Linda Schofel — despite nine psychiatrists and doctorate psychologists unanimously stating that the mother did not need a guardian ad litem, whereas the father was deemed dangerous and unfit to parent. When two forensic psychiatrists tried to make a legally-mandated report of child abuse, she arrested them, in a form of witness intimidation. She also engaged in attempts to obstruct justice, tampered with physical evidence when she ordered a medical report destroyed, and fabricated false “evidence” when she stonewalled nine psychiatric experts whom she could not strongarm into reporting the way she wanted — and instead only admitted an unqualified, unlicensed “associate counselor,” Tara Devine, who would. Also involved was pediatrician Karen Wu, who retracted her statement that the children are being abused and falsified her medical records to match. When no true psychiatric expert would render an “assessment” to her liking, Gallina-Mecca even suggested that the mother be blindfolded and taken by chaperone to a third, clandestine location to see a no-name “psychiatrist” of Gallina-Mecca’s choice, whose identity and credentials would never be revealed, even to the mother’s lawyer!

The Father

Gallina-Mecca and Nissirios probably recognized immediately that the father of this case has a criminal psychology they could exploit. They enticed him to hire them and to follow their instructions. Thus, he changed from planning to move out of the house immediately to lead a single’s life with his mistress, to kidnapping the children after having been an absentee father all their lives. He was no doubt told that he could have everything, as long as he warehoused the children and concealed the evidence of his abuse, which would allow him to “reverse victim and offender,” making the mother the “abuser” — but this has not worked out entirely well. Their strategy was to break her down, but medical evidence kept piling up of her “excellent mental health” and “exceptional talent” in parenting, while the children were constantly injured under his “care”, and six highly-credentialed psychiatrists and doctorate psychologists declared him a danger to them. What Gallina-Mecca and Nissirios did not tell him was that he would get more and more mired in criminal culpability such that, in order to avoid prosecution, he would have to continue to hemorrhage his funds. Meanwhile, multiple organizations and Constitutional experts are watching this case, simply waiting for a verdict, but Gallina-Mecca has been unable to move forward, despite scheduling a trial since July 26, 2023 (the latest date is May 13, 2024, but it will surely be postponed again). This father, a corporate lawyer and student of Alan Dershowitz (whose wife also committed suicide when he weaponized Family Court to take the children and leave her with nothing), attempted to murder his wife six times, twice with the hired help of the Gallina-Mecca/Nissirios duo. He may have wiggled himself out of financial fraud schemes in the past (while his former boss was fined 38 million dollars), but this time he is about to learn that crime does not pay; there are now too many witnesses. Criminal charges are being brought against him, appeals are being prepared, and we will go to the Supreme Court if we must — but most important of all is the court of public opinion. He will soon become the reason there is exposure of the Family Court system as a criminal cartel that disassembles children and women, that not only needs an overhaul but requires an immediate moratorium and the stripping of all illicitly-abused “immunity”.



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (, and New York Times bestselling author.