My Formulation of the President, Mr. Donald J. Trump

All psychiatric professionals will recognize what is done here, in accordance with our training. It is the kind of bio-psycho-social “formulation” that accompanies all patients we see, in order to organize our understanding of them and to make revisions as necessary. Usually, a formulation is generated for the following reasons: (a) a patient presents voluntarily; (b) a client is referred from the court; (c) a formulation is requested by a governmental agency or other authority; (d) an evaluation is requested by security personnel; or (e) a provider takes on an emergency case as a patient, as the American Medical Association’s code of ethics requires that all providers do, without a choice, when there is an emergency. It is under the last condition, especially, that I have taken on this case.

Reason for Emergency: I base this on the hypothesis that Mr. Trump’s assassination of a top Iranian military general is the beginning of escalation of hostilities and dangers that are likely to place a growing number of lives at risk.

Usually, a formulation is kept confidential, with two primary exceptions: (a) the patient grants authorization to share it; or (b) an emergency situation requires its disclosure. It is because of the latter condition that I am sharing it with all potential victims or stakeholders.

(The rest of the statement is embargoed until submission to the U.S. Congress.)

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (, and editor of "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

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