This is What Genocide Looks Like

Bandy X. Lee
4 min readMay 14, 2024


The Way the Greatest Violence Occurs Not in Wars and Mass Shootings but Hidden in Families, the Largest Genocide is Occurring beneath Our Awareness, through Family Courts

How did Family Courts become the global epicenter of human rights abuses, torture, mayhem, and murder? The formula is simple: too much power in the hands of personalities who cannot handle it. We see the abuses occurring in the U.S. Supreme Court, but Family Courts are worse. Family Courts in the U.S., unlike any other court, are given absolute authority over families, unbound by oversight or law. They can incarcerate without due process, bail, or even statement of reason. They operate with total impunity, in the absence of scrutiny or checks and balances. At the same time, they are “the bottom of the totem pole,” “the sewer of the judicial system,” and a “cesspool”, in the words of lawyers and judges themselves. No one wishes to be in the Family Courts or to find out what goes on in them: “Family judges are a tight-knit group [that will not let us in], but we are only happy that somebody is doing the dirty work,” one judge told me. Indeed, for those who do their job correctly, it is a lot of complicated work without gratitude (much like housework) or recognition of how dangerous it can be (much like domestic violence). One in three women will experience rape, battery, and/or stalking by their partner, and one in four children experience child abuse or neglect by at least one parent. Forty to 50 percent of first marriages will end in divorce, and roughly one in two children experience the divorce of their parents. The cases that come before Family Courts are still more complicated, and child custody disputes overwhelmingly involve domestic violence and child abuse. A judge can either choose to do the work correctly at great risk, hardship, and isolation, or join the organized crime cartel that “Family Courts” have become, targeting the “easy victims” of domestic abuse for their lucrative trade of child theft, child sex trafficking, and child pornography production. Given the poor quality of Family Court judges — often more ignorant than the families they preside over and all too contemptuous of human life — the choices they are making are obvious. They are reflected in the sheer body count, not to mention the usurpation of life even in those who survive. As a result, millions of children and loving mothers (and some loving fathers) in the U.S. alone are undergoing their hidden, personal Holocaust. Here is just one firsthand account:

Dear Dr. Bandy Lee,

I write to you with sincere gratitude, tears rolling down my face. Only other Protective Mothers have believed my story. You state the reality that has destroyed my life and that of my daughter. And then there are even those Protective Mothers who fight me. Crab in a bucket. It can not be, you see, that some of us fight back not just for our kids and ourselves — but for others….

[M]y life ended when my daughter was taken from me by a SWAT team and deported to the man who molested her in exchange for food. She testified about this over and over again. She was betrayed over and over again and subsequently so was I, by the very legal institutions who pledged to protect us.

Once she was taken from me (2014), I never saw her again. Her father, his attorney, her “therapist”, his family and friends turned her inside out. She was the sweetest strongest girl. She became as mean as they come. And has learned to blame me for it all. They have turned my daughter in to a weapon. Kamikaze; self-destructing now. And she broadcasts it all every day on her social media. Even paints her face like Clockwork Orange. It is her life’s mission to assist her late father in destroying me. He died, you see. Seven years ago. And this is how she now expresses her loyalty to him in the afterlife.

The betrayal of my own child who begged me to protect her; I cannot explain to you how this is gutting me. More so than the betrayal of her “father” and the “courts”. So many people ask me how she is doing. How do I even begin to explain these dynamics: this ultimate betrayal, this Dr. Mengele style MK ultra trauma-bond mind-controlled soul harvesting?

So I find myself in an upside down reality. It’s like an endless loop-dee-loop train ride in an evil clown world. As I look at my watch, hoping I’m nearing the end of this horrendous journey, trying to rescue as many children and protective mothers as I can with my team along the way, I cannot help but wonder why. Maybe some entities in some other dimension are wringing their hands with glee over the success of their cruel fishbowl experiment. History is paved on such torture after all. Humanity has learned nothing whatsoever.

To be honest I have lost all my faith. No one and nothing intervenes. I am only still here because I know there are others like you, like me, who dare to see it and who get it and who fight back.

You might as well swim upstream in this avalanche of razorbladed sewage to at least try and close the spigot. After all, what is there to lose when you have already been robbed of it all. Every breath is my resistance.

You are appreciated. Thank you for being you.

[Name Redacted]



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (, and New York Times bestselling author.