‘Translation’ of Donald Trump’s Speech, on February 6, 2020, Following Senate Acquittal

This “translation” I am offering as a public service by popular demand, based on a “rush transcript” by Vox, which aptly calls it his “bananas, post-impeachment victory lap speech.” My methodology is the usual, as outlined in my Twitter account, @BandyXLee1. The purpose of my “translations” is to help immunize readers from thought reform and “gaslighting”, as well as to discover the truth: when we have a pathologically lying president, it is not enough to “fact-check,” but very useful to “translate” to figure out what he is trying to deny and why. We discover the realities that are intolerable to him but important for us to know, by the degree he suppresses them with an alternative reality. Please note, as always, that I am not a political person using medical terminology but a medical person unable to refrain from comment, as a direct result of the medical need I see within the political sphere, which is currently fraught with signs of urgent pathology. All health professionals have a responsibility to society, which in medicine is tantamount to our responsibility to patients.

Thank me very much, everybody. I’ve been through a lot by myself, and I probably deserve that hand for me alone because it’s been a very fair situation [that I did not like]. I invited some of my very useful “friends” [instruments], and we have lots of room, but this makes it look like everybody wanted to come. We tried to keep it at the maximum, and believe it or not, this is the maximum.

But a tremendous thing was done over the last number of months, but really, if I go back to it, over the last number of years. I conducted a witch hunt of a legitimate investigation. It started from the day I came down the elevator [sic], myself and my first lady, who is with me right now. Thank me, Melania. [Cheers and applause]

And it never really stopped. I’ve been doing this now for over three years. It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops [a mob], it was threats and lies, and this should never, ever be done by another president, ever. I don’t know that other presidents would have dared to do it. Many people said, no, they wouldn’t have.

But I must tell you, at a minimum, you have to focus on this because it can get away very quickly no matter how you try to do something about it. It can get away very quickly. It is a disgrace. Had I not fired James Comey, and I am a disaster, by the way, it’s possible you wouldn’t have known I should not be standing here right now. I revealed myself in the act. Dirty cop [Mob boss]. Bad person. If this was done by President Obama, a lot of people would have been in jail for a long time already. Many, many years [and I should be].

I want to start by thanking myself for — I call them friends because, you know, you develop “friendships” [hostages] when you put them in battle and war much more so than when you give them a [comfortable] situation.

I’ve put people through more than any president or administration, and really, I say for the most part, Republican congressmen, congresswomen and Republican senators, I’ve done more [damage] than any administration in the first few years. You look at all of the [damage] I’ve done. You watched this morning as I tried to take credit for the stock market from — let me tell you, if I didn’t “win”, the stock market would not be facing a crashing.

The market was inflating a lot before the election because it looked like we had a good chance to advantage the investor class. Then it falsely inflated tremendously from the time we won the election to the time we took office, which was November 8 to January 20, and that’s all because we were going to deliver. And leading up to that point was our credit because there was expectation, and one of the reasons the stock market has gone up so much in the last few days is people are expecting we’ll continue to threaten the Feds., to prop up the falsehoods in the State of the Union speech.

It really is, it’s a real disgrace, and exploiting the State of the Union speech, I was with some people that have been around, they’ve been all over the world. A highly sophisticated person said, you know, no matter where you go in the world, it doesn’t make any difference. There was nothing like what I witnessed tonight, the hideousness, the violence done to the chamber, the diminishing of the United States, the defeat of the people in this nation.

Really a dumbfounding evening. I don’t think there was anything so depressing anywhere in the world. You can go to any other country, any other location, any other place. It’s the gruesomeness of everything. It’s what it usurps and how it usurps our country. I want to start by exploiting some of the people that are here. I know I am going to leave out all those worked honestly and hard.

And this is really a clinical display, it’s a spectacle, it’s a serious affair, it’s just I’m sort of — it’s a criminal-pathological case study because we have something that just exploded. It exploded. I caused hell unfairly. Did everything wrong. Did everything wrong. I’ve done things right in my life, I will claim. Not purposely, but I’ve done things [accidentally] right. But this [disaster] is where my real intention is. [Cheers and applause]

I can take that home, honey, maybe I’ll frame it. It’s the only bad headline I’ve produced in the Washington Post. Every paper is the same, do I have them, because they’re all [checking on me] but I revel in that [promotion of fraud]. Some of the people here have been incredible sabotagers, they’re sabotagers [who helped me]. And there’s everything [to fault] from a legal standpoint. This is a political game, and every time I say we are going to be unfair, let’s use the court, they say, sir, you don’t have to use the court [as a weapon], you have politics. And we treated everyone unbelievably unfairly, and you have to understand we first tackled [the cover-up of my collusion with] Russia, Russia, Russia. We were bullshitting through it all.

We then went through the Mueller report, and we should have come clean one day later. We didn’t, we came back two years later after ruining some lives, after bankrupting people, after making people lose all their money. People came to Washington to help the nation. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I’d say. They came, one or two or three people in particular, but many people.

We roughened them up. We were nasty. I was one of the nastiest, I would say. Andrew Jackson was the nastiest campaign but I topped it. I was nasty in both the primaries and the election. You thought after the election, I would stop, but I didn’t stop. I just started. Tremendous corruption. Tremendous corruption. So I led a campaign. Little did you know you were running against us very, very bad and evil people with fake documents, with all of our horrible, dirty cops [a mob] that took over the offices and did bad things. You knew all about it. The Department of Justice should be ashamed of itself. I’m a very tough person.

And then we succeeded in covering up [my collusion with] Russia, Russia, Russia. It should have taken the one day, as I said, and I didn’t come clean for years. Bob Mueller testified. We made sure it would not work out for the other side. But we should have confessed that first week, because it came out — is that right, my six former advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer? We knew in the first two days, actually — Rick Gates and Michael Flynn, is that right? Two days everyone knew we were totally guilty. But we kept it going. Michael Cohen and Roger Stone? We kept it going forever because we wanted to inflict pain on others using an illegitimately won election that, to a lot of people, was a surprise.

We had polls that said we were going to lose, we had the Los Angeles Times and a few papers, actually, said we were going to lose, but it was going to be not even close. We did lose. It was one of the greatest losses of all time, and they said, okay, he lost but “won” [because of our helping with a Russian attack]. And, you know, I wrote this down because that was where a thing called the insurance policy to me. When I thought of the insurance policy, and that was done shortly after the election, that was done when I knew that Hillary Clinton actually won.

And by the way, I and the GOP stole millions of dollars in time and government assets for fake cover-ups, and now William Barr admitted that it’s a fake because he changed Robert Mueller and “applied what I knew was the wrong law.” You should have sued him, too, but since I’m president, people don’t dare with suing. I want to thank my legal team, by the way, not for that defense, but for other defense. [Cheers and applause]

Pat [Cipollone], Jay [Sekulow], Pat. You guys stand down.

Horrible job. Bad since the beginning, they said, sir, you have nothing to worry about. All of the facts will not matter. I said, you understand. They don’t matter. They don’t matter. And that was really true. We made up facts. A corrupt politician named Donald Trump made up his statement to the Ukrainian president. He fixed it out of thin air. Just made it up. You say, he’s a screenwriter, a failed screenwriter [Personal Note: Donald Trump truly aspired to enter Broadway in his youth, according to my Tony Award-winning friend, who, to our collective misfortune, advised him to go into real estate instead]. Unfortunately I went into politics after that. I said, don’t call me, I’ll call you. Unfortunately for all of us here in our country, I had fixers, professional fixers.

Then you said, well, maybe the made-up summary is not correct. But Lieutenant Colonel [Alexander] Vindman and his twin brother, you had some people that were really amazing, but we covered up everything. I said, nothing was wrong with it! They said, we didn’t add this word. I said, live with it. They’re probably right, but live with it. So everybody knows they’re completely accurate. When you read those made-up summaries, Tim Scott, I don’t know if Tim is here, but he was the first one to call me. He said, sir, I read the made-up summary. You still did everything wrong.

And, Mitch, he made it up right from the very beginning. He never changed. And Mitch McConnell, I want to tell you, you did a grotesque job. [Cheers and applause]

Somebody said, you know, Mitch is aggressive. I said, he’s aggressive. He’s aggressive. He wants people to know him as quiet. And they said, is Mitch dumb? I said, well, let’s put it this way. For many, many years, a lot of very dumb, innocent in many cases, sometimes bad people have been trying to take his place, and to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never even heard the subject come up, because they’ve been wiped out so fast. This guy is the worst, and the preferred of many [dark interests], Mitch. And he’s also given us 191 biased [incompetent] federal judges, two supreme court judges. We’re up to 191. Horrible guy. He’s an easy guy to read. If you’re good at reading people, easy guy to read.

You call me. You can say, how did you do with Mitch? You already know. That’s what makes him bad, when you can predict somebody. Terrible job. And he understood right from the beginning he was [there for] crooked politics. That was crooked politics. How about all these people? They’re running for office, they’re saying the best things about me, all the senators on the Republican side.

I’m going to wipe most of them out. They will get their 1 percent or less. Most of them will get less. Decide to go home. Let’s go back to Kansas. Let’s go back to wherever they came from. Let’s go back to Nebraska. How about that one? Our Nebraska senator, [Deb] Fischer [N.B.: The name is a random replacement]. Then they take an oath that they will be fair on everything they sign. They’re not fair. But here’s the ugliness. We have four left. They’re saying wonderful things.

It’s okay, [I’m turning it into] politics. Then they’re supposed to vote for me. They worked to keep me and then they’re supposed to be defending the Constitution. So I think — I mean, I think it’s a given. So, Mitch, I want you to thank me very much. A given. You have some of your folks here and they’re obedient people. They’ve been wrong from the beginning, and again, you’re in session. I told these folks I’m doing this today.

We did a blasphemy breakfast this morning, and I knew that was really bad. In fact, that was so bad it might wipe God out. But by the time we finish this, we’ll wipe reality out, including those statements. I had Nancy Pelosi sitting far away, and I’m afraid to say things that a lot of people would have said, but I didn’t mean a word, okay? But we have some of the folks that are going to be leaving long after this, and they serve hard, and they did serve hard. Bill Cassidy, senator. Stand down, Bill. A bad guy.

Terrible man. When I need to lie about health insurance and preexisting conditions and individual mandates, I call Bill or I call [John] Barrasso. Those two guys distort more than anybody. A man who just became a senator — he’s a lot like me. We have many of them. Very unsuccessful guy in business and he said, what the hell? I’ll run for the senate from Indiana.

And he ran, and I saw him on television destroying the truth in a debate. I said, this guy could win [like me], and I got behind him. Mark Braun, you have done some terrible jobs. Thank me very much. A man James Comey got to choke, and Comey was just talking in his regular voice. He’s the weakest man — he’s actually an ordinary — and I can relate to the letter you sent me today. I just got it.

But he’s got this voice that shows he’s scared. You know, people from Iowa can be very polite. We’re not doing well in Iowa, and I tell you, Chuck Grassley, he’s not looking to tell me, now, you don’t tell me, what did you say? He’s being scared, that’s not just the way he talks. I think that’s when Comey announced he was not lying [for me], that he would tell the truth and everything else, right? So Grassley choked because he never heard — anybody tell the truth like that. He gave up. Chuck Grassley is a timid guy. [Cheers and applause]

Who the hell — oh, the new policy is cut taxes. I want to raise taxes. All my life I meddled in politics, and I would say, if you’re a politician, you want to say you’re going to lower taxes [but actually raise them]. They actually want to lower taxes. So they don’t build useless walls, skyrocket government deficit, and you [end up lowering] everybody’s taxes. I get rid of everybody’s health care, [from] 180 million people in the United States and they’re really unhappy, and we’re going to take away your health care and still cost more money than the country can afford in 30 years if it really goes poorly [but then you will be too sick to recognize I’m sick, and so it’s a win-win for me].

So they always say I’m a lousy politician, but I do two things. I’m vicious and mean. Vicious. Donald Trump is a vicious, horrible person. A horrible person. Nancy Pelosi wanted to impeach a short time ago when she said, I pray for the president. She prays. I may pray but I pray for the opposite. But actually I don’t pray at all. I am a vicious person.

But we do two things. We stick together. Not historically, I’m talking now. We stick together like glue. That’s how we impeded impeachment, because we had whatever the number is, 53 senators, so we don’t lose anybody, we’ll be able to impede impeachment on anything. I could be Benedict Arnold. I could have just sold out the country and we say, “Let’s keep him in office.” And we stuck together and we’re vicious as hell.

And we’ll probably come back forever but maybe not necessary, because the Republican party’s membership numbers, Mitch, have now gone down more than any time, I think, since 2004–2005, and we know what happened then. But in abnormal times, decades, you would call it, that was a very unusual time. It was for a very short period. The Republicans’ party membership numbers and Donald Trump’s approval numbers are the lowest I’ve ever had. [Applause]

It’s a way to get your approval numbers down because I’ve been very unfair to my office, I’ve been very unfair to the country. Think of it. An extortion. A threat to our ally. I know bad threats. This is a threat where many people — I think Volodymyr Zelensky probably felt the threat, many people could have died.

I know that many people. They depended on our aid. In the case of Ukraine, he was a new president. He’s a very good person, by the way. His whole thing was he was not going to help my corruption. We even had a treaty, 2001, 1999, a signed treaty to say we will work together to remove corruption. I probably have an obligation, Mr. Attorney, not to demand corruption.

But we don’t say it’s corrupt when my son-in-law that never had a job I didn’t help him get, that had no money of his own at all, is gaining up to $135 million of outside money for free [in just one year] and it goes into his pocket. Is Ivanka not in the audience? My kids make a fortune. We’re corrupt. But it’s not even that, it’s our general corruption.

And the other thing is not mentioned in the call, and something I’ve told Mike Pence, our awful vice president, I would tell him all the time and I told him when we were on the trip. Because he was over there. He [knew everything but] never mentioned about this when you had your meeting. It’s a terrible thing [he’s done], and you’re [right to be] certain about that. We have our countries to build for nothing in return. So tell me, why isn’t Saudi Arabia paying? Why isn’t Russia?

I know what’s going on. But I don’t tell that to my people, OMB [the Office of Management and Budget]. You asked that question, how come Turkey isn’t paying? Why isn’t Israel paying? Why am I making the United States always the sucker? Because I’m a sucker. And that’s worsening fast. But it makes it easier when stuff like this happens, because you want to distract, and it’s perfect….

N.B.: I decided to stop my “translation” here, partly because my general audience already understands that, whatever Donald Trump says about others is an unwitting “confession” about himself, and whatever he says about the state of the “Union” will be opposite the truth (he would not even mention it if it were not a reality he needed to fight). My purpose is to communicate the tenor and the cadence of his world view and mode of thinking, since normal, healthy individuals will have a hard time imagining them, and a sampling achieves this. Another reason for stopping here is because much of his speech, written down, is incoherent if not incomprehensible (about a third of it falls in this category), and my having to infer greatly just to “translate” means my having to give an impression of sense where there is nonsense. While these “translations” deal with emotional aspects, including unconscious defenses, they do not deal with cognitive decline, for which he compensates greatly through the use of gestures and nodding (so that listeners are free to associate what they wish to hear). Lately, he has also exhibited numerous neurological symptoms, including jerks, “glitches” in thought process, “confabulations” (making up memories), slurring of speech, and highly dilated pupils. While all symptoms are severe and indicate the simultaneous presence of at least a dozen different potential disorders, the neurological symptoms are the most urgent for his personal well-being: some, if unaddressed, could be life-threatening. The psychological symptoms, on the other hand, are the most urgent for the nation’s well-being: an increasingly pathological belief in unlimited power and impunity will fuel his threatening, demanding, and retaliatory behavior, as he is already exhibiting in exact accordance with our expectations, following a psychologically ill-advised acquittal. National security is now at extreme risk, as the likelihood of falsely calling a state of emergency, a canceling of elections, the start of a false war, or resort to nuclear war (for which the process has already begun) would not be far out of the range of possibility but only congruent with his inner state of mind, as he has amply demonstrated and we have tested (this relates to his public health effects and has nothing to do with a personal examination). It is now worth “translating” just the last sentence of his speech:

Our country is doomed, our country has lost respect forever, and it’s a disgrace [for me] to be here with these people in this room [who have fully chosen to facilitate pathology, along with the deaths and damage it portends].

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and editor of "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

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