What if Your Judge is a Murderer?

Bandy X. Lee
10 min readMay 27, 2024


Three Confirmed Murders. Three Suspected Murders. Dozens of Children per Year Sent to Their Torture, Battery, and Rape. Violations of Every Law and Rule in the Book. This is Just One Judge, and Still There is No Accountability.

On Memorial Day and on the one-year anniversary of Catherine Kassenoff’s death, WeSpoke is commemorating the mothers who have been killed in Family Court. While millions of brave men and women have given their lives to protect their families and this nation, Family Courts, ironically instead of protecting lives, sacrifice these very families and the future of our nation. While troops battle in war zones, women’s battlefield is often the home; even the casualties and death rates are comparable. Yet, Family Courts do little to reduce this carnage but exacerbate it, often setting up the conditions for murder. As unbelievable as this sounds, Family Court judges evade accountability through their own violation of the bedrock democratic principle that courts should be open. Judges are given the authority sometimes to “seal” court records for extenuating circumstances, such as disturbing details of child sexual abuse that could affect a minor’s future. However, Family Court judges almost universally blanket seal their records. Judges are supposed to state the reason for the “seal”, so that litigants could contest it if called for, but they almost never do. The reason is simple: there is usually no reason for these Family Courts to “seal” records other than to cover up their organized criminal activity of child kidnapping, child sex trafficking, and child pornography production, in addition to serial murders, which often accompany such crimes. There may be a reason why the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct will not even open a case on this particular judge, despite countless complaints, but Robing Room offers a rare opportunity to criticize. This is critical, as law enforcement will not touch her, and they fold investigations on her victims, so that brutal murders do not even have suspects (so that no one learns how she literally caused the murders). Instead, she is promoted to being chief judge of the corrupt and deadly Family Court, where women and children too often go to die.

The reviews here record her pattern:

The majority of these reviews are pin point accurate. She has allowed in front of my very own eyes and in open court: conflict of interest, perjury by her forensic witness, complete collusion, ordered the vaccine to a minor infant, and abuses her power ridiculously. An absolute tyrannical criminal who is protected by a ridiculous immunity, and out of control going 1 million mph and no one can stop her. Her legacy will be one of abuse, complete negligence of her duties as a judge while destroying families and abusing her power to no end, with a healthy dose of collusion and disregard for the entire judicial system on the side! God, please help all those who go in front on this dishonorable tyrant judge!

The arrogance and disdain toward litigants often give away a dehumanizing attitude that makes possible her deadly rulings — often deliberately and sadistically applied for the torture of those under her subjugation:

This is the most obnoxious, arrogant judge I have ever seen. She doesn’t listen, laughed at me, called me mentally ill, has pre-written judgments, disregards evidence, and is vehemently anti-mother. She allows cases to drag on and on, causing parents to lose time with their children and breaking parent-children bonds. I want to wipe that smirk off her miserable face.

The review below reveals the degree to which she controls law enforcement and Child Protective Services (CPS). They operate at her beck and call, as she wields her authority as judge to manipulate outcomes. Her habitual intimidation of everyone into submission caused her to believe she could do the same with the press (even a Washington Post article shaming her in 2015 did not deter her from trying again in 2023 — how many “successes” has she had to make her so brazen?):

When alienation has been alleged with police reports and CPS reports, they will go unheard as many times as I say it on as many dates as you want. I want to give a negative rating but 1 is the least. Judges should have no favoritism or personal thoughts about any case before them. All should be left to facts. And to add, she also has ZERO compassion for anything you are going through if she already makes up her mind about you, especially if you have no lawyer. I’ve been before her 3 times as a PLAINTIFF and was treated like a lying criminal.

Favoritism is all this judge goes by, with her fact-free, predetermined verdicts favoring the abuser in cases of domestic violence and child abuse — essentially, the vast majority of child custody disputes. Tragically but predictably, her power-intoxicated, sadistic practices have deadly consequences:

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide a zero rating. I am the parent of a murdered adult female, whose DV case was in front of Judge Gallina-Mecca for 4 ½ years. My daughter and my minor granddaughter were repeatedly assaulted, terrorized by this man, and every time they went before her, which I believe was every 3 months, she wanted to give the low life an opportunity, she felt he was trying. My granddaughter testified, and her remarks about an 11-year-old child testimony were, I am not going to terminate a father’s rights over hurt feelings. He abused his daughter, and he put her into dangerous situations, and she did not want to hurt a grown man’s feelings. My hope is someday her child or grandchild will be so lucky to meet a man just like him. She finally provided my daughter with an Order of Protection in January 2022 after 3 separate incidents in December, where she was severely beaten, then her ex attempted to break into her home and was terrorizing both her and my granddaughter in the middle of the night. Guess what, the Leonia Police did not even enforce the TOP, and on March 26, 2022, my child was murdered. She should not only be recalled, but she should also be tried as an accessory to murder.

I was already aware of one murder, but the above mention of another murder led me to uncovering at least three murders under this judge, with “many others!” cited to me by an investigative agency. This is consistent with a previous study that linked post-separation murders with Family Court judges’ decisions and new additional studies of how Family Courts cause deaths. The question now is, is there an authority interested enough to protect innocent children and loving mothers against a tyrannical judge? So far, only victims have done the heavy lifting, but this does not address the fact that judges have the power to rig a system that has so far only protected its own:

I could not agree with Comment #: NJ4590 more! It seems our experiences are identical. Reading through other comments, it appears she has a formula: she is not just mean, rude, disparaging, and dismissive but sadistic and evil. She appears to enjoy sending children to their sadistic abusers. In my case, she did not just align with the DCPP but controlled it! So it may be that she is working hand-in-hand with them to rubber stamp whatever she wishes to do, which is always to side with the abusers. It is simply unbelievable that she would take such dangerous and terrible actions with impunity. I agree that there needs to be a class action suit against her to prevent more destruction of children’s lives and would be eager to join in any.

Here is another call for action:

I would give her a zero if that were an option. She is mean, rude, disparaging and dismissive. She shows up with her freshly blown out hair and a chip on her shoulder. She has her mind made up before she enters the court, so pleading your case is a waste of time. If you present your case, and it’s not aligned with the accusations made by the DCPP and their narrative, then you are berated by her and called names like mentally ill. She yelled at my attorney like she was a piece of garbage. She ignores evidence presented before her and imposes very harsh orders against good parents, while the abusive, dysfunctional parent has no restrictions or supervision whatsoever. She is angry, hostile, cold, and lacks compassion…. She makes you feel worthless and helpless while your whole life is in her hands. I hope she is removed asap before she destroys more lives and families…. There needs to be a class action suit against her for all of the damage she has done.

However, judges flaunt their “absolute judicial immunity,” and law enforcement considers itself beneath judges, not above them, in my experience. Who would, therefore, have the courage actually to charge judges with their actual murderous and felonious crimes? There are few ways but public exposure, and it must happen to save 60,000 to 100,000 children a year from the Family Courts:

She was not fair at all, first she said the case was filed by my ex, then as usual ex was lying, and then I had to correct the her by saying I filed the case and I am the plaintiff. After that, she ended up giving more time to my ex, even though he doesn’t take care of my child properly and sending home sick all the time.

For the child kidnapping, child sex trafficking, and child pornography production regularly that happen through the Family Courts — child pornography occurs in about 75 percent, and child sex trafficking in about half, of the Family Court cases I serve in as an expert witness, with child kidnapping being the near-universal end goal — just the known profits are 50 to 175 billion dollars a year. Family Courts are the modern-day trade of child sex slaves:

My children were sexually abused by her father, trafficked to be gang raped, and came back one day with mutilations. This judge can’t possibly think this is normal, but she just keeps giving him more and more time. I tried the Child Abuse Hotline, the County Prosecutor, and the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct numerous times, but I hear from others they won’t do anything because they are all cronies together. It is now obvious to me they are. What does a mother worried sick for her kids do, when the whole system is corrupt? Yet, I am the only one under observation and threatened with jail at the slightest misstep, and the father can do no wrong.

Someone commented:

Please report all of these Horror stories to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct.

Many refer to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, which is said to be the only mechanism for holding judges accountable, but the majority on the Committee are judges, retired judges, or other Bar Association members. Hence, unsurprisingly, only a tiny fraction of complaints are investigated, and out of those only a fraction are given at best a slap on the wrist — nothing remotely commensurate with their murders and destruction of lives:

Honorable? Certainly not! As per all of Judge Mecca’s horrible reviews here, she is clearly an issue that needs to be suspended from practicing law of any type, let alone be permitted to be a judge anywhere. Please note that complaints can be filed against her fraudulent and crooked conduct that we have all encountered with the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct in Trenton, NJ, and should be done by each one of us to make a difference. Judge Mecca, her “attorney friends” in her court room, and DCPP are all fraudulent and fixed. She dismantled my family, turning my daughter against me, allowing her to live with her alcoholic father when I had full custody for good reason of both of my children. My daughter has now dropped out of high school and isn’t thriving or functioning well. The judge ordered certain services under direction of DCPP for mental health for said child and Dr. appts, etc., but didn’t enforce her orders on her father who she went to live with full-time, who has no structure or rules for the well-being of my daughter. Nor did she follow up on my ex-husband’s sobriety or mental health issues. This judge is NOT for the well being of the children. As stated by other mothers here — she’s delusional, for the fathers/abusers, and clearly has issues with mothers which are unfounded. This is no joke and needS to be taken seriously, as she’s dismantling the family unit. Not only that, my reputation as a good mother was ruined as well without reason, which I was dedicated to as an at-home mother 24/7. Entertaining a rebellious teenager and her alcoholic father is disgusting and to the child’s detriment.

Is there no hope for the system?

The facts could not have been clearer, and she ignored every one of them. Completely one-sided decisions. Had her mind made up from day one and delivered absolutely no consequences to violating court orders and even rewarded actions done in bad faith and blatant lies. I have no faith left in the System.

I believe there is none from within, which is why I call for a moratorium on the Family Courts. The unnecessary crises they create, and the havoc they wreak — enough to cripple generations — should be bringing in the National Guard! Rounding up Family Court judges alone would likely yield a vast majority of crooks, from what I have seen in just the last couple years as a fact finder for these Courts — for this is what organized crime looks like.

Nasty, ignorant, and unfair in almost all dealings. Rewards bad persons and punishes honest ones. Has bad chip on her shoulder.

And the profiles would be consistent. This is by an attorney:

Can be nasty. Rude. Sarcastic. Pushy. Insulting. Not very nice to lawyers or clients. Hopefully she will not become a more important judge.

She has become the leader of the pack. Even other (non-Family Court) judges have called her “crazy”):

Awful order after ignoring all the medical evidence I presented and giggling that I should go into debt and get a lawyer. This judge is a bizzaro world waste of flesh. Do anything to switch to a different judge. She knows nothing about family dynamics and disorders such a ADD, autism, etc. Favors weeping dad with a lying lawyer. Such a scam.


Incompetent, lazy, shows blatant favoritism to “her” attorneys, ignores facts and a complete embarrassment to the general public who appear before her. Be prepared for the worst, as that is what you will get.

As well as:

Does not even know the laws she is responsible for deciding over. Completely disregards all case information presented in documentation, seemingly never even bothering to read it, thus completely overlooks all conflicting claims and lack of evidence with regards to allegations, just mindlessly agrees with whatever DCPP merely verbalizes sans any form of proof or evidence to suggest a hint of truth! Irresponsible, incompetent, and should not only be stripped of any judicial power but legally held responsible for damage caused due to her complete ignorance and lazy bias!!

This is good advice:

Lies and deceit are commonplace in this courtroom. The only people served are the blood-thirsty attorneys who care little for the welfare of the family but lining their own greedy pockets. Hackensack Family Court is quite possibly the worst example of a system so broken, there is no hope. Stay away.



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.