What will Happen in Jane Gallina-Mecca’s Court?

Bandy X. Lee
7 min readAug 21

What is Largely Unknown about Family Courts is that They are an Abuse Industry

Because Family Courts use secrecy to cover up their human rights violations, there is almost no way for the public know about the violence, mayhem, and murder that actually happen in and through them. They provide a sanctuary for violent abusers, while victim protections are stripped, as they are placed under “gag order” and threatened with jail if they divulged about any of the crimes against them, especially judicial crimes. This is because Family “Courts” are not courts but an abuse industry: they cover up criminal abuse under the color of law in order to reverse tables on victims for a price. I have the unique vantagepoint as a family member and a witness of abuse, at the same time as being a specialist on violence — with twenty-five years of experience as an expert witness to know that Family Courts are nothing like other Courts. Public exposure is necessary for these extreme abuses to end, just as public scandals were the only way to curb a culture of violence that had been routine in prisons. On August 24, 2023, Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca will hold a trial on my sister’s case. Will her gag order finally be lifted? She is positioned to lose the house, the children she raised, receive no parenting time or alimony, but be responsible for her husband’s legal fees and six-digits-per-year child support. Here is what has happened so far:

When I watched the viral video of Allan Kassenoff [screaming abusively at his children], I thought to myself: “That is Alan (my brother-in-law)!” He is just slightly quieter but more dangerous. In the video, Allan’s daughter cries out: “I don’t want to go with that crazy guy!” My niece used to cry out, “Don’t leave me alone with that maniac!” referring to her father, Alan T. Chan, whom she refused to call “dad” before he violently abducted her and her little brother, under family court support.

[Read about the tragic life of Catherine Kassonoff, here: https://msmagazine.com/2023/06/05/catherine-kassenoff-death-child-custody-divorce-court/.]

The mother who raised these children, like Catherine Kassenoff, had the ear of the New York governor, as his “right-hand woman” and chief Ground Zero coordinator after the greatest attack on US soil, 9/11. She sacrificed a prominent career to raise her children. Now, she has not seen or heard from them for almost two years.

Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and editor of "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”