What will Happen in Jane Gallina-Mecca’s Court? — Reprise

Bandy X. Lee
7 min readNov 7, 2023


Legislatures around the Country are Catching on — Will New Jersey be Next?

Legislatures all around the country are slowly catching on that Family Courts are in fact centers of organized crime. The latest was the New York State Senate, which held a historic hearing on November 1, 2023. My testimony was just one among many impressive, impassioned ones that overflowed in time (they overran the 2:00 p.m. scheduled closure time to last beyond 5:40 p.m. — an unheard-of occurrence for senate hearings!). Senators and judiciary overseers sat with faces transfixed for the entire duration, and mouths agape at the atrocities that are occurring through the euphemistically-named, “Family Courts.”

A common theme ran through the hearing: Family Courts handle overwhelmingly domestic violence or child abuse cases, where violence “increases multiple times,” once families enter the Courts. Family Courts “favor abusive and manipulative persons”; “[incentivize, enable, and reward] unethical and illegal activity”; cause “women [to kill] themselves, men [to kill] mothers and children, and even judges”; and are “built on the backs of the families they destroyed.” Indeed, one of the senators brought up the forty-four homicides since 2016 of children judges had placed in dangerous environments against urgent warnings by protective parents (children are dying everywhere, whenever Family Courts are involved, regardless of region). It is clear that children are exploitable, and Family Courts exploit them for profit with total impunity.

Thus, the other side is that Family Court personnel are “driving new cars, dining out, and moving into new homes funded with the liquidated assets, homes, retirement savings and college funds of the children and families trapped in these courts,” as they “[abuse] helpless litigants, usurping parental authority, and preying on families with zero accountability.” And no matter how much harm they heap, they can hide all evidence under “court seals,” deflect allegations by blaming them on “disgruntled litigants,” and totally financially and emotionally deplete victims until they can no longer legally fight back.

Who would ever imagine Family Courts doing this? Only direct witness will allow the average person to believe.

My direct witness occurred with Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca, who is the most representative of the above prototype I have personally observed, and an independent investigation, just begun, has already uncovered more than one murder. She is exemplary of what has caused a mother to testify: “My son has said, ‘Dad is going to kill us. Mom, help us please!’” All of Judge Gallina-Mecca’s cases are strictly under seal, nominally “for the protection of the children,” but in truth for her own protection from accountability for her brutal crimes against children. Family Court judges are engaging in nothing less than the trafficking of children to their torture and death — and they do so because they can.

Despite her doing everything to hide her criminal misdeeds, including concealing vital case information from the innocent litigant, Judge Gallina-Mecca’s formula is not difficult to decipher: First, in cases of child abuse, immediately remove the children from the fit parent, making up any reason to do so. Second, cover up any real abuse, so as to hand the children to their actual abuser. Third, deny access to everyone the children were previously attached to, so that no one can report abuse. Fourth, drag on time, since a child’s month is an adult’s decade (how efficiently convenient!). Finally, put the children through thought reform “therapy”, and “reunification camp” if necessary, to make them recant the abuse and denounce their prior caregiver. Along with “gag orders” against the loving parent (or, if they do not work, place the parent under conservatorship or incarceration to discredit anything she says), the silencing of all victims will be complete.

I know this, because I literally saved the life of a mother, and by extension perhaps her children. It is a case in which Judge Gallina-Mecca is too afraid to make a ruling: an initial trial date in July was moved to August, and then September, October, and now mid-November 2023. Will it happen this time? (the actual measure seems to be whether or not the children and the mother have yet been “broken” — since there is never an evidentiary hearing, no substantive decisions are made, and the children remain exactly as they were abruptly and violently extracted from the fit parent, loving home, and all previous primary supports). This particular divorce has been ongoing for over three years, but others speak of six, nine, or even twelve years!

Observing Court-connected players is how I have learned of her methods (naming the players is crucial, not only as a mandated reporter, but the reason our First Amendment guarantees free speech is because transparency is a chief means of combating government corruption and oppression — as well as others who are “in” on the profit-making):

‘Child Therapist’ Barbara Maurer

As the Family Court-mandated children’s “therapist”, she charged exorbitantly high fees, with barely a non-social work master’s degree. Since the predatory father was paying the bills, she did not have to return calls, did not have to protect children — even after they became suicidal because of the father’s abuse, and they were always more suicidal, not less, after her sessions. Under Court protection, she could break all laws around mandated reporting, since she could care less about the young lives under her “care”. She was eventually caught abusing the children herself and was removed from the case by her licensing board — but this did not matter. Judge Gallina-Mecca simply mandated another “therapist”, this time “sealing” the identity against the mother, or anyone who cared to protect the children.

‘Guardian ad litem’ Evelyn Nissirios

More brutal than a street gangster, this “children’s” guardian ad litem from the start worked only for “the best interests” of the monied child predator. She effectuated a violent police raid against the mother, after filing a false police report that she was “absconding” with the children, on a weekend Nissirios herself assigned for the mother to be with them, in criminal co-conspiracy with the father. The goal was to stun and traumatize them so that they would not report the father, who actually tried to abscond with them the previous weekend but got caught. Five police officers thus raided and tore crying and clinging children from their mother, under malicious prosecution, and Nissirios subsequently lied to the Court over 177 documented times to cover up their crimes. She thus imprisoned the children with a man who was coming out of a restraining order for almost killing each of them with head injuries on different occasions — the same man the children used to vomit or become immobile with panic before visiting, because he was “the scariest person,” with whom spending time was “torture” and “worse than death.” Ms. Nissirios buried suicide notes, suicide attempts, emergency room visits, and letters to the Court asking to fire her, so that she could send them to their real torture.

‘Judge’ Jane Gallina-Mecca

That the Family Court “Judge” is an orchestrator of grotesque acts against children was evident from the fact that she endlessly appointed needless actors, simply to increase the number of people parroting her concocted narrative. As Judge, she could “fix” the sale of these children to their predator by: refusing to hear medical testimonies; obstructing all Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations; forbidding the children from seeing a psychiatrist but mandating them to false “therapists”; falsely arresting potential witnesses of the children’s abuse, including renowned medical professionals; and discarding or destroying as many as nine psychiatric reports in order to declare a fit mother “mentally ill” — but admitting the only the report Evelyn Nissirios endorsed, by an unlicensed “associate counselor” Tara Devine (who contradicted all nine, highly-credentialed psychiatrists). Also included was pediatrician Karen Wu, who retracted her statement that the children are being abused and falsified her medical records.

The Father

The hirer of Gallina-Mecca will be named in an upcoming book, a documentary, and a national television series. A corporate lawyer and student of Alan Dershowitz, he hid his extensive background of psychopathic abuse and neglect, in order to marry into a family he could exploit financially and that would improve his social standing. He attempted to murder his wife six times, twice with the assistance of his hired hand. He is also a criminal mastermind in financial fraud, and, unlike Allan Kassenoff, his firm protects him. After all, he pulled off a scheme where his former boss was fined 38 million dollars but he got off scot-free. He pled poverty to extract money from his in-laws, while stashing away 97 percent of his million-dollar salary. Hence, the same underhandedness accompanied his kidnapping of the children: when he was about to lose custody for almost killing each of them, he stole their passports and fled across state lines with them — in violation of Court directives — but was discovered, because the terrified children called their maternal grandfather. It turned out he never needed to: with the help of Nissirios, he turned around and reverse-accused the mother of “absconding” with the children, on a weekend the father himself agreed for her to be with them, because she was twenty minutes from home to access a hotel pool — all within Court directives — but a Family Court’s goal is never to protect the children. The judge allowed him to seize, conceal, and permanently imprison the children in order to extort six-figure “child support” from the mother (the real reason for his interest, and the Court’s interest, in these children).



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.