Evelyn Nissirios — ‘The Most Horrible, Horrible F*ing GAL!’

Bandy X. Lee
5 min readMar 9, 2024

‘She is the Worst Person I Have Ever Read About or Met!’

Reports on Evelyn Nissirios are accelerating, not slowing down. The latest is by someone in the mental health field. “I didn’t mean to curse,” the person apologized, “but she just put a child rape victim in a pedophile’s arms — she needs a full psychiatric evaluation!” This is again a variation of the recurrent question I have been receiving as a psychiatrist: “What is wrong with Evelyn Nissirios?”

“I am in the caring field, and I get very angry when it comes to abuse of children,” the person kept trying to explain. I responded: “Of course it makes you angry, as it should everybody! This is why I try to publicize what the Family Courts are doing as much as possible — it is so unthinkable and so inhumane, it actually helps them to get away with what they do, because people simply cannot believe that something like this could be happening.”

No one could fathom such a thing for one child, let alone a minimum of one hundred sixty children a day, every day of the year, year after year, in every U.S. state — while Family Courts play a role in one child murder every six days, and in the death of innumerable loving parents from grief, suicide, cancer and other stress-related illnesses, or heart attacks and “broken heart syndrome.” Nevertheless, amid this hidden holocaust, kept secret through “court seals,” “gag orders,” terrorism, coercion, and intimidation of the press — and no one believes it could happen to them, until it does — Nissirios is the Adolf Eichmann of the Family Courts.

“You cannot even say it is an iron fist and a velvet glove,” said another observer of her and her protector, Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca. “They are an iron fist and an iron fist!” The venomous hatred that comes out of Nissirios, when she coldly and calculatingly as guardian ad litem (GAL) does everything she can to annihilate the life of each child who comes under her charge, is something to analyze. Why is she so eagerly intent on severing healthy child-parent bonds? The stronger they are, the more she seems to attack them with a vengeance. And what drives her to punish excellent — even superb — mothers so viciously from the very beginning, when they have done nothing to her? What happened in her own childhood that has caused this twisted, aberrant vindictiveness toward total strangers? Family Courts derive obscene profits from corrupt practices, but this alone cannot explain her apparently voracious appetite for sadism.

There is still no report of Nissirios’ appearance before the Judicial Review Board, the New Jersey Supreme Court, or any other disciplinary body. How large, then, is her circle of complicity? First, there is the entire Saddle River Board of Education, including past president Jon Peros, current president Emily Kaufman, superintendent Gina Cinotti, Yasmin Elshami, Kaitlyn Lawler, and Elizabeth Salazer, in addition to Nissirios herself. We know from their absolute stonewalling of any communication that they probably conjecture that what I told them is true (and therefore, “hear no evil, speak no evil”). There are also her firm employers, Lawrence Meyerson, Anne Fox, and John Conte Jr., who themselves are mandated reporters who cannot not know about her “professional” activities.

Then there is the Bergen County North Ethics Committee, which has appointed her, likely without opposition, since they are always in need of volunteers — but do they do no screening? Then there is the Office of Attorney Ethics, which has refused to investigate her, based on her “being under the supervision” of Judge Gallina-Mecca. And then there is the Court of Gallina-Mecca herself, who, far from conducting “ethical supervision,” is a criminal co-conspirator with her in multiple cases.

Here is what one brilliant lawyer has said, in his essay about the need to abolish GAL’s in Family Court:

Tedious exploration [of an entire body of legal literature on why GAL’s exist] has finally revealed that the answer is not found in the law of the land, but in the law of the jungle. The truth lies in the symbiotic relationship between the tickbird and the rhinoceros. For those not conversant with life in the wild, the rhino roams about with an ever-present tickbird perched just behind his neck feasting upon the living smorgasbord found there. The rhino (family court judge) is relieved of the annoying and award task of disposing of the irritating insects (child custody cases) by delegating it to an eager member of another species (the GAL). In return, the bird is well fed (fees, collected with the help of the court’s contempt power) and enjoys a free ride (immunity from screw-ups).

In other words, they serve no function other than to scratch each other’s back, while preying off the backs of hapless litigants and their children (as of today, the total estimated casualties of Nissirios’ that I alone know about have exceeded one hundred fifty persons). Symbiosis is the mutual relationship between judge and GAL; the relationship they have with litigants who come before them is parasitism.

Entomologist E.O. Wilson characterized parasites as “predators that eat prey in units of less than one.” And, unlike predators, parasites typically live off of their hosts for an extended period — such as child custody cases that can drag on for a decade or more. And so if you find yourself getting angry about the oppression and exploitation of Nissirios or the Nissirios/Gallina-Mecca duo, it is only natural that you do!

*This is the eleventh of weekly articles, now writing themselves as the horrendous, egregious, loathsome, and lurid actions of Evelyn Nissirios keep coming to light (what can be more monstrous than the torture, maiming, and setting up for murders of innocent children?). As long as the child endangerment continues, there is a duty on all respective parties not to remain silent. There are already signs that victims are better arming themselves as a result of my writings, and I have an additional duty to prevent future violence as an expert in the area, since a large proportion of today’s victims will be tomorrow’s perpetrators. More on Nissirios will be revealed in the upcoming book, Judicial Violence: Anatomy of a Family Court Case (the first of two related volumes). Those who have additional information to share can reach me here. Thank you!



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.