Evelyn Nissirios — World-Renowned Torture Expert Confirms Her Child Abuse

Bandy X. Lee
4 min readJan 26, 2024

Medical Report on Child Torture Sent to (and Ignored by) Former Saddle River School Board President and Current Saddle River School District Superintendent

The report below is published, because I would be remiss if I had neglected to inform a school board that it had among its ranks a child predator who regularly engages in child abduction, abuse, and torture. Similarly, a school board would be remiss if it refused to investigate serious alarms concerning its member — especially if it is a member who has clung to her seat despite being voted out, at great discontent to the community. Multiple members have asked that I inform the community if the Saddle River School Board continues to ignore this information regarding Evelyn Nissirios.

The official definition of torture requires that one is acting in a state capacity, as Nissirios has acted through her role as “guardian ad litem.” Also, child predators gravitate toward public positions so as to garner trust with the community, in order to continue or to expand their predatory activities. Nissirios’ extreme actions to hold onto a seat on the School Board, defying an election loss and intense public protest, may fit this characteristic tendency.

I had hoped that the former president of the Saddle River School Board, Jon Peros, and the current superintendent of the Saddle River School, Gina Cinotti, would review the reports when I wrote to them almost a year ago. Far from opening an investigation on Nissirios, they dodged my every attempt at communication, even though I am a legally-mandated reporter of child abuse.

In the case I presented, Nissirios suppressed ten medical reports to unconstitutionally imprison two children with their violent abuser, while severing all their contact with the caregiver and mother who singlehandedly raised them all their lives. Now, for almost two and a half years, Nissirios has blocked all communication, while inculcating in these children that their mother “abandoned” them. What is unthinkable for the average person is near-universal practice for Nissirios: whenever there is proof of child abuse, she suppresses evidence, obstructs investigations, intimidates witnesses, and perjures in court to effectuate a “custody reversal” for a price. And it is a profitable business: what perpetrator would not pay to escape felony prosecution, if he could instead detain the children he abused, continue his abuse, and extort “child support” to make up for his payments to her and more?

Below is one of the reports Nissirios suppressed, so that it could not be entered into court records. The author is a preeminent world authority in forensic psychiatry who has coauthored the United Nations Istanbul Protocol for documenting torture, teaches at Harvard Law School, and organizes amicus briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court. He examined over fifty pieces of medical evidence on the above children before concluding that they were being tortured:

Dear Ms. — ,

[The two Forensic Professionals who diagnosed your children’s father with psychopathy, a dangerous personality disorder that is a contraindication to parenting] have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, given the application of their extensive knowledge, education, skill, training, and experience; and that the current situation of you and your children being subject to severe mental pain and suffering rises to the level of torture by international standards and is an immediate crisis requiring posthaste attention and remediation by the Family Court, Bergen County, Chancery, New Jersey.

[My recommendations] to the Court are that, on the face of it, the severe pain and suffering you and your children are being subject to by the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of [Evelyn Nissirios and others] acting in an official capacity require immediate correction…. the emergency situation arising from the information I have, on the face of it, warrants immediate correction of medically contraindicated and unsupportable behaviors thus far tolerated in that Court.

I have analyzed available and relevant information sources, as they relate specifically to the medical findings of your case [through] more than half century of my knowledge, education, training, and experience….

The Family Court, through acts of omission and acts of commission, including but not limited to process, proceedings, decisions, and orders, has exposed you and your children to torture by way of placing your children with [the dangerously abusive father].

My expert and authoritative opinion that these experiences constitute torture include, but are not limited to … medical findings, as enumerated [in a list of almost sixty statements of findings].

He concludes:

“Torture is a crime of specific intent to shatter human ties, bonds, and connections of shared social contract…. Torture, strictly defined, has caused Profound, severe, pervasive, past, ongoing and increasing, life-threatening physical and psychologic traumas and injuries of massive proportion of a loving mother and her two vulnerable children. It is extreme, potentially beyond remedy at this point.

It is intentional, concerted, and pervasive as perpetrated and perpetuated by known and visible public figures, [including Evelyn Nissirios], diametrically opposite to their sanctioned and authorized roles and behaviors.

When causes and conditions are sufficient, phenomena arise.

Torture has caused the suffering of [the protective mother and children]. The acts of omission and commission of the Family Court and its fellow travelers and Associates are on their face conscious and intentional, and coincide with the benefit and character traits of [the dangerously abusive father].

Basic common decency and the rule of law in a democracy demand halt of the torture, making whole the objects of the torture, and an end to impunity of the perpetrators and the demand of accountability.

[Name Redacted for the Eminent Expert’s Safety]

*This is the fifth of a short series of weekly articles devoted to the information I am providing the Saddle River community about a member on its School Board, begun at the request of a local official. Despite the many articles, this is still the tip of the iceberg, and more will be revealed in the upcoming book, Judicial Violence: Anatomy of a Family Court Case. Those who have additional information to share can reach me here. Thank you.



Bandy X. Lee

Forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and New York Times bestselling author.